How much B2B traffic can Content Curation bring to a website? Study finds 464% growth in just 4 months.

This is a very interesting case study by the team at B2B Content Engine on the impact Content Curation has on a B2B web site’s traffic. B2B sites typically have niche audiences which are hard to find from untargetted methods and costly to generate with targeted advertising.

What this study shows is that consistent content curation provided not only impressive results on traffic growth but also lead generation conversion at a 12% rate. In addition to many other great benefits such as brand visibility, awareness, etc…

It also gives an idea of the volume of content that was required to achieve that, which – compared to what we see users typically achieve on – is very similar and reasonable. 

It also supports some other best practices we’ve mentioned already such as:

- being multi-channel: traffic doesn’t come from one source but combining several channels (linkedin, twitter, …) is key; it’s what we call the hub model.

- frequent publishing: it’s not about reaching our massive volumes so much than it is about publishing every week.

- use of topic site customization or web site integration to facilitate lead conversions (typically what Business allows to do very simply)

- giving context is important: for readers but also for SEO reasons.

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