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How Boutiika has used to Enrich its Product through Content and Increase Engagement

Boutiika is a location-based tool for the boutiques of New York and San Francisco, providing its customers with the most stylish products and where to find them. Boutiika is primarily a search engine for young female shoppers, but the team wanted to add to this. Looking for a way to post more detailed information on products and boutiques, as well as to increase engagement within their community, Boutiika turned to, which allows them to provide news and information on the boutiques featured on their site while still maintaining the focus on their own product – On, Boutiika’s team also found many ways to integrate this great new content with their website, making it somewhat of their own content management tool. Here is a look further into Boutiika’s strategy: Continue reading

How EcoVadis is educating Supply Chain Managers on Sustainable Procurement & Green Purchasing

Pierre-François Thaler, Managing Director at EcoVadis, an innovative platform allowing big companies to rate their suppliers on social and environmental performance, wanted to educate his audience about Sustainable Procurement & Green Purchasing and create top of mind awareness regarding EcoVadis. He was persuaded that evangelization was the key to do this. To take the place as a reference in this niche sector, Pierre-François decided to provide high-value content to his audience. He started to publish high-quality resources like analysis, research projects that appeared quickly very time-consuming to produce. As he needed to bring a constant attention on his sphere to evangelize, Pierre-François found the solution with content curation thanks to Business. Continue reading

Lord of Curation Series: DiMitri Deloste

My name is Dimitri. I was born in the South West of France, and still living here for 37 years now. I’m a Web ProjectManager in a software publisher company. I assume being a geek, and I’m the father of 2 lovely girls, 8 years and 8 months old. I’ve always wanted to enter an Art or Design School, but I stopped studying just after high school (with no diploma) in order to work. For 18 years now, I’ve tested almost each job in the computing field as a self-taught person : IT Technician, software developer, Project Manager …Since about 10 years, I’ve been going on the same way concerning Web jobs, being successively Web developer, Webdesigner and Webmaster… Now thinking about it, I guess I’m ready for consulting… Continue reading

Lord of Curation Series: Willy de Backer

Willy De Backer is a European (Belgian) journalist, sustainability opinion-leader and professionalconferencemoderator with more than 25 years experiences in European Union politics. After having worked in politics (European Parliament) for 10 years, he co-founded Internet news portal in 1999 and served for 8 years as chief editor expanding the service from a start-up to a successful online media company. From 1 June 2007, Willy went freelance focussing his research and writing on issues related to climate change, energy security, green economy and sustainability in general. He was one of the first professional journalists who started using social media (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other) to share his opinions on how to rethink our economic, social and political values and institutions in an age of “peak everything”. Continue reading

How IS Decisions is winning the hearts & minds of IT Pros, curating content that catches their attention

Back 6 months ago, François Amigorena, CEO of Software Publisher IS Decisions was wondering how to make its business more visible on the Web. He had great products with a proven track record (3,000 customers in 100+ countries) but he also knew that winning purchasing decisions of IT Professionals is a tough job.
How could he get top of mind awareness from IT Pro’s?
He was convinced that a good content strategy was the solution. By become the source for stories they care about, he could win them, be recognized and remembered. Yet, he couldn’t spend too much time and resources doing so. Luckily, he discovered and started several online magazines using the Business version some months ago.
Here is the success story : provides us with a new and unique way to reach out to our target customers. Publishing value-added content in an attractive layout is a great way to keep them connected with our brand and to generate leads.

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Lord of Curation Series: Tony Rath

Tony Rath is a professional photographer based along the shore of the Caribbean Seain the picturesque town of Dangriga, Belize.

He is a trained marine biologist and has worked as a diver and underwater photographer for the Smithsonian Institution; diving on oil rigs off California; and captaining a sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Mediterranean and North Seas. Tony first visited Belize in 1979, and moved there permanently in 1988. Since then he has explored and photographed most of Belize by land, sea and air. He has also photographed the neighboring countries of Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

He founded, along with his wife Therese, Naturalight Productions, Belize’s premiere Internet marketing company. He now leads the special projects division of the company. The company created and manages numerous award winning websites. Continue reading

Lord of Curation Series: Karen du Toit

Karen du Toit is an Information Specialist, who has worked as librarian and archivist.

At the moment  she is an archivist at the South African Broadcasting Corporation in South Africa where she works at the SABC Radio Archives. We catalogue radio and audio material for preservation, historical and rebroadcasting purposes. She has a keen interest in social media to connect, share and broaden her own knowledge base, in which curation plays a big role. Continue reading