Announcing: Curated Newsletters and MailChimp Integration

Long live the email!

This morning we released something really exciting — curated newsletter functionality! We recognize the role curation is playing in the evolution of the newsletter, and we wanted to provide an easy way for our users to expand their reach into the be-all-end-all of web communication — email. Seamlessly export your topic to a newsletter template or send to your email lists in MailChimp by connecting your accounts with the new MailChimp integration. This feature is free with all accounts and is unlimited until April 15th. To access it, simply click “Manage” on your topic of choice and click “Create a Newsletter.”

We like to eat our own dogfood, so below is a screenshot of an email newsletter exported from a topic we sent to our lists via MailChimp today. It’s pretty awesome:

The newsletter function has been one of our most-requested items, so we are proud to announce this newest addition to the platform. We are thrilled to be working with MailChimp and to be offering a way to push curation beyond the platform and into the inboxes of your audience.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts and questions. Please feel free to get in touch (or just say hi!) at

Update: if you have questions on how to use this feature and create curated email newsletters, here’s a knowledge base article you can refer to. Enjoy!

  • Christa Wojo

    This is so handy-dandy! I’ve always wanted to send a newsletter but had no time. Problem solved. Now I’ll just send my Great idea. Thanks guys!

  • @LStacey

    Great news! This will be an excellent addition to an already great service. Keep up the good work!

  • Kristen McGuire

    What happens after April 15 – will there be charges to keep the newsletter going via MailChimp?

  • The *Official AndreasCY*

    Awesome! Definitely we’ ll have a look on this.

  • Sandy OnLine

    Wow ! Superbe idée. Gain de temps et contenu encore plus intéressant pour mes lecteurs, que du bon ! Great idea. Saves time and content more interesting for my readers, that’s good! <3

  • Yekoz


  • Christine Christensen Bearse

    I look forward to trying this out! Thanks!

  • Terry Doherty

    This is fantastic … it will push me to be more religious about scooping my own content, too! Streamline, streamline, streamline! LIke @google-00acf7c5884fab155db5ed0af478cf73:disqus I would like to know what happens after Tax Day!

  • James Lerman

    This is great news and will add tremendous functionality! Can’t wait to give it a try. How much will it cost after April 15?

  • rob halkes

    Just Wow! That will help a lot if us, spreading the word!

  • antonbundle

    Great idea to connect mailchimp and scoop it !!! Je vais enfin pouvoir diffuser ma veille auprès de mes collègues beaucoup plus facilement…

  • Stewart Kelly

    Nice, what a great development. Will this feature be integrating with other autoresponder services?

  • Guillaume Decugis

    Thanks so much for all the ecstatic comments: they really make our day and we’re also very excited about this launch. Couple of precisions to address some of the questions you asked:

    1. There will still be a free way to send curated newsletters after April 15. We obviously want to adapt the feature to the various needs of all of our users including Business and Pro users but also including free users. So stay tuned for more but don’t worry: we’re committed to have free access to this in the long run.

    2. Other email platforms: the integration we have with MailChimp makes it super easy as it directly creates the campaign from your page… and MailChimp is just super easy to use. But if you don’t want to use MailChimp, you don’t have to: simply click on “Download as a Zip file” to export the HTML of your newsletter and import it to whichever email platform you’d like.


  • Shirley Williams


  • Zakariyya Spain

    This is just great and enormous a feature that it perfect for this times of content curation. Thanks a million.

  • Sstorytellerr

    This is soooo cool

  • Andrés Núñez

    Excellent! Congratulations we will use it with

  • Cam Gould

    Cool way to deliver the feature. I love integrations ;)

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  • Emma Lane

    Great idea and so convenient. Must spend more time looking into this.

  • Kees Romkes


  • sharon naidoo

    Brilliant Concept !!

  • Laura Brown

    MailChimp will only work if you add a real address to your newsletters. I only have my home address and I’m very much not willing to give that out to random people I don’t know. So this is not an option for me.

    I am looking at other options, including a newsletter sent through my WordPress blog. Being able to include the zip file or some part of it would be a nice way to spread the linkage around.

    • Clair at

      Hi Laura! Just wanted to chime in and let you know that you don’t actually have to run your email through MailChimp to take advantage of the newsletter function. You can already download the zip file for the code from the same screen and then load it into whatever email sending system you’d prefer to use! Let me know if you have trouble with this feature. :)

  • Fast Moving Targets

    Why 5 articles as a minimum? With 2 columns i like even amounts better, like 4 or 6. I like the service a lot though!

  • maximise

    Great but how is it that the wrong graphic comes up in the Banner? Can I change the graphic or the by-line?

  • Stewart Kelly

    This is a great feature that will help tremendously in spreading the content we curate. Hope other autoresponder services will be added.

  • sofia chalkidou

    Great news!!! Once again you have guessed our needs! Thank you for your excellent services!!