Announcing: Curated Newsletters and MailChimp Integration

Long live the email!

This morning we released something really exciting — curated newsletter functionality! We recognize the role curation is playing in the evolution of the newsletter, and we wanted to provide an easy way for our users to expand their reach into the be-all-end-all of web communication — email. Seamlessly export your topic to a newsletter template or send to your email lists in MailChimp by connecting your accounts with the new MailChimp integration. This feature is free with all accounts and is unlimited until April 15th. To access it, simply click “Manage” on your topic of choice and click “Create a Newsletter.”

We like to eat our own dogfood, so below is a screenshot of an email newsletter exported from a topic we sent to our lists via MailChimp today. It’s pretty awesome:

The newsletter function has been one of our most-requested items, so we are proud to announce this newest addition to the platform. We are thrilled to be working with MailChimp and to be offering a way to push curation beyond the platform and into the inboxes of your audience.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts and questions. Please feel free to get in touch (or just say hi!) at

Update: if you have questions on how to use this feature and create curated email newsletters, here’s a knowledge base article you can refer to. Enjoy!

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