Content curation for SEO — from professional purposes to personal passions

Editor’s Note: We’ve always held that content curation (with added insight and value) is great for SEO. The below infographic (courtesy of TechMagnate and Beth Kanter) lays out some of the benefits of content curation.

What exactly is content curation? To, its the “meaningful selection and sharing of online content for professional purposes or personal passions.” Professional purposes run the gamut from thought leadership to product marketing, and personal passions can be gathering and sharing knowledge about anything that gets your engine going. Many people curate every day without knowing it — whether it is sharing an insightful article they discovered on their favorite blog or retweeting a thought leader of their choosing. Curation is everywhere!

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  • Eva Rajput

    Thanks for sharing our content!

    Techmagnate Team

  • UK Greeting Cards Online

    I really think this article is brilliant I
    love Scoop it but you really need to know what you are doing I have been using
    Scoop it now for about a year you need to keep it up every day if you can share
    things what other readers like also I love the way you can share with Twitter
    also Facebook that takes a lot of time away from me.

    • Eva Rajput

      Thanks for your appreciation! We’re so glad you liked the article. 🙂

      Techmagnate Team

      • Joe

        Will it show up in Google Searches eventually ???

  • Belinda Summers

    Love the idea. I see how content curation really helps in serp rankings. As long as you curate relevant content nothing could ever go wrong. Curation is like a higher level of social bookmarking, the only difference is that it reach your target audience easily. 🙂

  • Arthur T Williams IV

    I just wrote an article for an MLM magazine on how MLMers and use curation to enhance their image. I’m gonna go back and weave some of these factoids into it. Gracias!

  • Arthur T Williams IV

    However…I have YET to have anybody SHOW me a (or RebelMouse) post turning up in a search engine. I wish somebody would.


  • yahya qachach

    thank you for everything and read more and better

  • Zsolt Pásztor

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