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Update: TL;DR is now live for everyone at Enjoy! 

The Internet throws at us a full Library of Congress every 5 minutes or so. It’s just way too long to read!

We did not build to make the Internet shorter, though; we built it to help professionals and businesses to exist on the web; to cut through the noise, to demonstrate their thought leadership by becoming publishers on their specific topics.

You are now over 1 million curators on – content marketers, community managers, thought leaders and knowledge managers: curation has demonstrated its effectiveness in helping built visibility and reputation for pros and businesses.

But the point now is … we love reading what you curate!

Indeed, curation is also proving its effectiveness to organize the web. Sure enough, only a tiny part of the web so far, but this tiny part benefits from your human perspective: it’s selected, enriched, filtered and passed with intention, with meaning, with expertise and with passion. It’s a tiny part of great content. And it’s growing!


We decided to show your work: we are excited to announce “TLDR by!,” launching this Monday!

TL;DR, as you know, means “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” TLDR by is a digest of content curated by the community. It captures the time saving benefit of curation in this overloaded Internet.

Make no mistake: curated content isn’t always faster to read; one could even argue that the curator’s insight adds to the reading time. This is valid. But the real time-consuming task on the Internet is not reading good content. It’s finding good content; extracting the signal from the noise. Once all search and filtering time is factored in, human curation by like-minded experts is the most time effective way to read relevant content. Hence, TLDR.

TLDR shows your work to the world: it offers direct access to relevant, curated content to a whole new audience. Visitors will find great content, hand picked by expert curators (you!) at a glance: no time wasted in useless searching and filtering. They can also meet the curators and engage! TLDR is a source of ideas that matter.

TLDR is also a response to a recurring demand: provide more visibility to our best curators. We use our typical humanrithm approach, a mix of algorithm and human action, to skim through the best curations within (gold topics) and offer them this additional exposure, on beautiful, themed, stand-alone TLDR magazines.

With TLDR being a collection of themed magazines, we had to select a few initial themes for the launch. We checked our content base for the most populated, most active interests; this proved to be a difficult choice: our curators are really active on Sustainable Development, Tourism, Technology, Health Care, Cars and Bikes, and a strong list of other topics. We selected four initial themes, based on their quality but also on our (subjective) feelings:

Digital Marketing

Education Technology

Art & Design

Geek Love

These four TLDR media are here for you. We hope you’ll like them as much as we do. Consider them as great sources of content. Consider them, as well, as additional opportunity to expose your curation to a new audience!

Making the web a better place

We want to serve our community, our users, our clients. We built TLDR for you. We truly believe in the double mission of human curation: acquire a voice and extract the signals. As they stand today, the four TLDR magazines are on a trial period: they’ll survive only if they deliver value: if curators are happy to be featured on them, if readers effectively find relevant content. If they don’t, they’ll go.

If they do, though, they’ll grow! We have many other TLDR candidates (themes can go as wide or as focused as we want, as long as we have good content and engaged curators). Also, we might invite motivated curators to contribute to the editing of some TLDRs with us! (Have a passion for real estate, motorbikes or fashion? Believe we have great curators in on these topics? Believe we could together edit a beautiful, relevant magazine? Let’s talk!).

We believe we can make the web a better place by helping the best curators shine even more on the web; and by offering a human-curated access to the web most relevant content. The Internet is too long to read, but the best content will be easy to find.

Want early access or simply share ideas? Please contact us at

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  • Bill Coffin

    When I click those links I get Forbidden access

    You are not allowed to access this page.

    • Nicke Steen

      I get that also.

    • Elle Draper

      Me too

    • Ally Greer

      Thanks for letting us know – the post has been edited to reflect the new launch date of Monday! Thanks for your patience for technical difficulties 🙂

    • Guillaume Decugis

      @bill_coffin:disqus @dotboyreal:disqus @elledraper:disqus The first version of this post was wrong and announced the launch for today while we’re effectively going to launch on Monday. What we’re doing today is giving early access to a small group of users: care to join them? Send us your user name. Thanks!

  • A. Belkowski

    Kind of like the Influencer program of LinkedIn when it started (not now). Excellent initiative indeed, looking forward to it. What I like about ScoopIt though is its focus on very narrow topics unique to each individuals rather than the classics main themes. Let’s see how it works out!

  • Anistock

    I love, and use it every day. The above announcement is the way to go, human curated articles on relevant topics. Maybe the catchphrase TLDR will catch fire.

  • Ana Cristina Pratas

    Interesting news! yes, would be interested in joining as well, please. Makes sense.

    • Guillaume Decugis

      Done @AnaCristinaPratas:disqus: tell us what you think.

  • Uzzi

    Looking forward to it

  • Amy Burns

    Please include me 🙂

  • Ana Lucia Novak

    I am interested!

    • Guillaume Decugis

      @analucianovak:disqus you’re in: enjoy!

  • Robert Brzezinski

    Great Idea …I’d LOVE to know more

  • virtualtourfinder

    I d like to test and make curation better

  • Willemijn Schmitz

    Please include me!

  • Emeric Nectoux

    Look forward to it! Monday! 🙂

  • Liane Buck

    I am very interested in joining, please include me…

  • Michael Cox

    please include me

  • Jess Chalmers

    sounds exciting – I am excited

  • Nicky Mohan

    Awesome. can’t wait

  • BrianYanish

    @gdecugis:disqus I would be interested in helping Scoopit and TLDR grow the future of the web.

  • Lyn Bowker

    Count me IN please! I’m preparing to launch and have been checking out for some time now. TL.DR sounds just like what I need :)))
    http://www.authenticbusinessbuildingacademy (ABBA)

  • Tom D’Amico

    Yes I’d be interested in exploring @TDOttawa

  • Ian Wright

    I look forward to seeing this expand into the Travel & Tourism niche 😉

  • Etienne

    Big announce + forbidden access = fail and lost time.

  • Dave

    If you’re interested in italian content curator, add me 🙂 (username: davide-baventore)

  • Terheck

    Very nice idea. I’m interested, so if look for content in Education, I might help.

  • Lauralee

    my topic has a gold ribbon- would love to be included

  • Ross Copping

    Would also be interested

  • Jaana Nyström

    Interesting! Hopefully my topic qualifies:

  • Laurine Hurley

    Love to join in…please add me

  • Frédéric Mahé

    Nide idea ! Please include me, my ID is Frederic M.


    Kindly include me….here to learn and serve.

  • scoopit

    Thanks everyone for all the comments and interest: feels great to have amazing feedback like this!

    We’re pleased to report that TL;DR launched today and is now available to everyone (no need to have a account) at

    We’re also still considering whether and how we should open that up to motivated curators who told us they’d like to contribute so don’t hesitate to keep sending ideas at tldr at

  • Jeff Domansky PR

    Really like TLDR but hey is it just me or is there no direct way to share any favorites directly to one of my Scoopit pages?


    I definitely want to join, the love goes two ways, (from to and FROM to! — Dean Meyers, Publisher/Leader

  • Devis Peinture

    Bienvenue chez Entreprise Peinture Déco, Plus de 20 ans

  • loquacialoon

    Interested in being involved.

  • rimy roy

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  • davidgibson

    I’d like to follow this development too Guillaume. We’re attempting to use as a 24-7 professional development content repository at Curtin University (see Kim Flintoff and ART: titles etc. We’re just getting started.)

  • Kenneth Mikkelsen

    Guillaume, count me in please. Best, Kenneth –

  • Guest

    Would like to be included also :-). Thank you for all your efforts!

  • maye indspace

    Education Academy could just be the perfect studying center for web designing class

  • GoSendGift Bhubaneswar

    send cake and flowers to Bhubaneswar or Cuttack using

  • Pharma Guy


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