Content Marketing Hubs Will Take The Lead in 2015

“Content marketing is bigger than ever; content creation and publication is at an all-time high, and traditional marketing budgets are being reallocated to content marketing efforts. However, despite its pervasive usage, content marketing isn’t without its struggles.
In this article, I’ll outline some of the significant challenges marketers will face this year when it comes to content marketing, as well as looking at trends we’re likely to see during 2015.” (

SEO expert Jayson DeMers nails it with his content marketing predictions for the upcoming year.

In case you were wondering whether or not to take these predictions seriously, check out the post Jayson wrote last year around this time predicting the trends for 2014. Almost all of them proved to be true, with the small exception of the importance of Google+ due to SEO things like Authorship (which was discontinued a few months ago).

The predictions that Jayson explains this year include increased content distribution, a further merge between social marketing and content marketing, better content-fueled SEO, more guest blogging relationships, higher marketing budgets, and more sophisticated, targeted email marketing.

With all of the advances in content marketing bringing it close to the forefront of a solid, successful marketing strategy, marketers are now in need of a content hub – somewhere to centralize their content strategy and combine all of the aforementioned aspects into a one-stop-shop. In fact, this leads me to my prediction for 2015.

Over the past year or so, content marketers have been trying to learn how to create quality content, share quality content, get their content distributed to as large of an audience as possible, integrate SEO without being too spammy, collaborate with their teams, and so much more. So, where are content marketing tools headed in 2015? Towards the content marketing hub.

In the coming months, we’ll see content marketers leaning towards organizational as well as functional tools in order to ensure that their content marketing is powerful and impacting as it can possibly be. The content marketing hub is a place where you can find, share, create, upload, distribute, measure, and collaborate on content.

Similar to marketing automation platforms, content hubs will soon become a necessity for any business trying to generate tangible results (lead generation, subscriptions, etc) through content marketing while spending time and money smartly. Some examples of existing content marketing hubs that may rise to the top this year include HubSpot, Marketo, Uberflip, and of course,

We’ve already established the importance of content marketing, and now it’s time to streamline and scale it to meet business objectives.

What about you? How will you streamline and scale your content marketing in 2015?

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