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Since the beginning of the Scoop.it adventure, we have envisioned our platform as a new way to share and to be heard on the web in the Age of Information Abundance. We are thrilled by the intelligent content you have collectively built.

Scoop.it does not simply contain absolute knowledge. It is a place where different viewpoints and opinions collide, where mutual expertise shapes information, where the power of collaboration gives you a picture drawn by humans.

The page Google+ Project on Scoop.it has become such a great resource, not only because it provides an overview on an event submerged by a deluge of sources, but also because the curator receives suggestions from his followers and readers. Day after day, they become increasingy engaged and interested in the topic, suggesting their own discoveries. Digging the web could be an endless moment of exploration without any destination, or purpose. It can sometimes be frustrating when you are not able to “do something” with the insights you find or receive. We now love to imagine our users coming across an article, blog post or video, thinking about another’s interests, opening the bookmarklet excited to contribute to a page he or she loves, and helping the creator of the topic.

The Google+ project is a great example of a collaborative creation with a curator guaranteeing the coherence. The topic was created by a curator who, presumably, was already very passionate on this new event and platform. It becomes even more interesting when you do not only share your knowledge but allow people who have the same interests than you teach you even more. That is where you realize clicking on a “thanks” button is not just a gimmick but a real social gesture. Because when someone makes your world bigger, they mean it.

Observing other events like TEDxSoMa or TEdxSF build their own Scoop.it pages was another form of collaboration that was truly amazing to see in action. They engaged with their audiences on a new level, let attendees transmit the vibes of an inspiring day by posting pictures and comments, and share their own insights and experiences.

Watching both organizations continuing to use our platform days after the end of the event proves they found something more than a tool. They found a place to engage and continue a collaborative dialogue.

This is what Scoop.it wants to be:  not only the place where you find qualitative insights, personal views and passionate expertise, but the ideal context for you to interact with topic curators.

Curation is a powerful mechanism. It is a human activity and some of our curators are now advising each other, helping to make the content every day more relevant.

We believe strong communities emerge on Scoop.it, based not on “sharing” but on what you are sharing. Therefore, it is time for us to make accessing your communities of interest easier.

It is time you explore the Scoop.It Community

– Search amazing topics you are passionate about and discover new interests with our explore button, that invites you to find smart resources and to explore the community.

–  Discover topics of those you interact with on Scoop.it on your Community page. You are part of something great; have a look, interact, suggest, be surprised and learn every day.

–  Follow the topics you love, curated with passion and expertise, to make the web yours again.

– A good curator is an attentive reader, and a passionate reader is a strong curator. Every day, enjoy your own interests by exploring the new scoops on the topics you follow.

The Social Web is not a concept. It represents human interactions, exchanges and emotions. We truly believe what you are passionate about is who you are. Internet is a medium, not a function. It is time to enjoy sharing what you know, love, and discover from people who, like you, want to learn every day.

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living.”

Rudolf Steiner

Welcome to the Scoop.it Community.

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