Bring Curation to your Facebook Timeline

When you’re passionate about something, can the Facebook timeline be a good representation of your digital self? Its design and features certainly hint so but at, we felt it would only work if you could find a way to smoothly mix your interests to what’s originally a friends & family network.

Show what you care about!

We are glad to now announce our new Facebook Timeline integration! By turning it on (it’s optional of course), your Facebook Timeline will be automatically updated in real time whenever you curate new content.

Show your friends what you really care about, share your passions and expertise in a frictionless and natural way. This could even give rise to new passions on Star Wars or Freeride Skiing amongst your friends!

As they pile up, these scoops will be grouped on a dedicated box that nicely displays a summarized snapshot of your latest curation activity:

It’s simple. It’s seamless. It’s visual.

Facebook Timeline = more visibility, more engagement

This is great news to boost your topics’ visibility. Your topic will gain visibility on Facebook on both Facebook Timeline and in your friends’ Facebook ticker. Curating regularly will ensure a constant visibility to your topics and boost your traffic as well as your audience engagement! Integration with Facebook Timeline is steroid for your curation.

What to do?

If you’ve already connected your Facebook account, you just need to reconnect it to update your connection settings and have your scoops shared to your Facebook Timeline. While connecting to your account, a pop-up will appear asking you to connect again your Facebook account:

For those of you who haven’t connected your Facebook yet, go on your account and do it today! To do so, just click on the Facebook icon on your dashboard:

Please note that this is an option offered for you to boost the impact of your curation; you can connect or disconnect it at will through your account settings (Account > Sharing Options > Uncheck “Share your scoops to your Facebook Timeline”).

[Update] Further to your many questions, please note that Facebook does not support Timeline Apps for Fan pages. We will of course keep you posted if this evolves in the future!


The Team

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AMS Imaging

Great Article, Thanks for sharing. There was and still is a lot of mixed feedback on the new Facebook timeline integration. Personally I love it, it just adds more customization and branding options for your page! You can’t say your page looked better without a nice cover photo with your brand on there !


I’d love to be able to connect my topic to a specific group I’ve created in FB. 🙁

However, it looks good on my timeline too 🙂
Thank you!


j’aime ça

Lyndy Cracknell

Would like my scoops to show up on my group page icentre rather than my personal page? Can you choose WHICH Facebook page they show up on?

Philip Gardner

My Scoop It account is currently connected to my personal fan page. However, I want to change it to my business page but, when I try to disconnect and then reconnect, there is not option for connecting to my business page on Facebook. I am automatically re-connected to my personal fan page. My question — How do I get connected to my business fan page?

Hi! Can you clarify whether you’ve disconnected your Facebook account or the page connection? To be specific, you should go to Settings > Sharing Options > Other Social Media and disconnect the existing page connection. Then click on connect again to see a list of all the pages you’re an admin of on Facebook. Note that you need to be an admin of the page on Facebook to see it so make sure you have that level of rights on Facebook. If you’re still having problem, send us a support ticket at to make sure we don’t miss it.… Read more »
Philip Gardner

For some reason, I do not get a list of of the pages I am an admin of after I connect again.

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