Product Update: Expanded usage of curated newsletter and MailChimp integration!

You asked, we listened!

We’ve decided to expand the curated newsletter and MailChimp integration feature we recently launched (more info on that here) to include support for newsletter per topic instead of per account.  So this means you can now more easily create a separate newsletter for each topic you curate.

We love when our users are smarter than we are. We had a lot of feedback about how users would like to send focused, super relevant content streams to segments of their lists (which were already organized via topic) instead of needing to mash all their scoops into one, generic newsletter. We love this kind of thought and are incredibly excited to expand the curated newsletter and MailChimp offering.

The new feature schedule looks like this:

  • Free account holders can export and send 1 newsletter per account per month.
  • Pro account holders can export and send 1 newsletter per topic per month.
  • Business account holders can export and send 1 newsletter per topic per week.
Regardless of which plan you have, you can still create 5 “test” newsletters for each account before the above limits apply.
Thank you so much for being an amazing part of this community of curators and we are looking forward to seeing your curation take on the email goliath! If you have questions or want more information, please feel free to get in touch or check out the knowledge base article here.


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  • Guillaume Decugis

    So apparently some of you had problems to comment on this post. We’re going to investigate with Disqus why this happens. Sorry about that.

  • RobinGood

    Thanks for sharing this feature announcement. My question is: if one has a Business account and has five or more curated channels can he send a newsletter to each one of his channels weekly? From the wording here it would appear not. Is this correct?

    • Clair at

      Hi again Robin, you can send a unique newsletter for each of your curated topics one time per week with a business account. Which, on a business account would be a maximum of 15. Said another way, every week you can send a newsletter for every one of your topics. Let me know if it is still unclear. 🙂 Thanks!

      • RobinGood

        That’s clear now Clair. Thank you very much indeed.

  • RobinGood

    Re the issue with the comments, I would like to note that the two comments I posted this morning, DID show up on the page and did disappear only after some time. Here is a date/time stamped screenshot of the second one published on this page and which then “disappeared”:

    • Clair at

      Hi Robin! I’m so sorry this problem is a cause for concern today. I’m the editor of this blog and I’ve never pulled a user’s comment to date, and I absolutely didn’t pull your comments this morning. Thanks so much for the screenshot, it will definitely be helpful as we try to track down whatever issue we are having with Discus today.

      Also, its quite odd that there are no other comments on this post. We normally have quite a high volume of comments on posts of this nature, so I’m sure it is not just you who is being affected. Thanks for your patience while we sort it out.

      • RobinGood

        Not a problem Clair, thanks for taking note of this.

  • Howard Cossever

    Can the newsletter retain the background colors?

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