Update: Ddos attacks on Scoop.it

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Since last Friday, we’ve experienced several Ddos attacks (distributed denial of service) on Scoop.it that sadly are significantly affecting our service’s availability.

It started Friday morning: a hacker reached out to us by email asking us for money in exchange for stopping the attack he just had launched. We had about one hour of downtime then.

When a second attack was launched in the night of Friday to Saturday, we decided to respond with a much bigger change. The price to pay was a 6-hour downtime but we felt it was likely the attacks wouldn’t stop as the hacker was sending our platform some massive traffic to saturate all of our network connexions.

The service went back to normal over the rest of the weekend but this morning, we had a third attack using a different method this time. Our team’s been on it and we’re now back online after two downtimes of 45 minutes each.

Thanks for your continuing patience: we know how frustrating these problems are.

We are of course continuing to work proactively on this and are monitoring the situation closely. We are committed to win this fight and will do whatever it takes.

Stay tuned for updates as we’ll give more details in the next few days through our blog and our @scoopit Twitter account.

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Bon courage à vous! demande de “rançon”? #onauratoutvu

Jérôme Delacroix

On vous soutient ! Bon courage !

LP Police

Keep up the good work… Scoop’s importance to our business is growing every day!

Eugene Louicius M.

It works on Internet explorer, but not in Google Chrome. Louicius Micius Eugene, From Haiti. 17h09 PM

Guillaume Decugis

Thanks @eugenelouiciusm:disqus Sorry to hear that. We didn’t experience any problems today so this looks like a different problem or it could be linked to the cache in your browser. Could you try emptying the cache (https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95582?hl=en) and relaunch Chrome? Thanks.


I use a T-Mobile 4G wireless connection here in Seattle. After cache flushing in both Chrome and for my Windows 8 computer, I’m still getting
Gateway Timeout

A friend across town with a wireline ISP is getting in fine, so I’m suspecting the problem is with T-Mobile, and I’ll explore further, hooking into some other ISPs myself.


I’ve determined that my computer connected to the Internet via a different ISP than T-Mobile 4G, connects just fine with http://www.scoop.it . Therefore, the problem must reside with T-Mobile. I have reported this problem to T-Mobile, but there has been no response yet.

Guillaume Decugis

Thanks for clarifying @JohnNiles:disqus . Keep us posted if there’s anything we can do on our end.


T-Mobile tech support claims that this is not a network problem with them. I am advised to call another T-Mobile office 1-800-937-8997 and discuss with special technical consulting.

Susan Kelly

How malicious! I hope these hackers face some legal consequences.

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