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Getting started with content marketing: 3 different frameworks for SMBs to set the right expectations

So you finally decided to embrace content marketing for 2018. That’s great news! But do you really know what to expect in terms of investment? As we stated in a previous post, content marketing works… success is proven, but some upfront investment is required. Of course, it will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with content marketing (get better rankings, get more traffic etc.)

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Content intelligence: a new step in the journey

Everyday, there are 4 million blog posts, 100,000 news articles and 500,000 hours of video published on the Internet. A wealth of information and knowledge. A wealth of information and knowledge that is lost for most companies, at least for the most part. Lost? Step 1: content curation Not entirely. Thanks to content curation technology, the […]

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All content should convert: how to align content marketing and lead generation

Every day, every week, I meet marketers who tell me they can’t be expected to create content that will generate leads. They always have good reasons: my industry is specific, decision-making takes time, I focus on SEO, etc… Sometimes – rarely – they’re right. But most of the times, it’s because they simply don’t have […]

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How content gives birth to leads

How does content marketing generate leads? In the first few years of content marketing, there wasn’t much clarity on the answer to this question. ROI-driven marketers didn’t have any other measurement system other than Google Analytics, which is hard to configure correctly for content marketing analytics. Some marketers gave up and argued content success shouldn’t be measured […]

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The 3 content marketing problems that automation solves better than humans

By Grzegorz Błażewicz, CEO & Founder of SALESmanago Marketing Automation Content marketing is not only about creation and engagement, but also about understanding your audience, distribution of the materials and measuring their performance: the 3 most overlooked and underestimated parts of the process. Neglecting these can truly undermine your efforts! To avoid such situation, combine content marketing […]

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Why you can’t lean on social media management software to run your content strategy

With so many different marketing tools and software solutions out there, it can be hard to know which one is right  for running your content marketing strategy. Today’s digital marketing world is overwrought with many expensive and complex tools that were never designed for content marketing. From marketing automation software like HubSpot and Marketo to social […]

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Content marketing automation: the age of artificial intelligence

content marketing automation the age of artificial intelligence

We’ve had robots building cars on assembly lines way before they could drive them. Likewise, marketers have so far been able to automate basic repeatable tasks but the creative or strategic parts of marketing – which include content – have benefited only minimally from advancements in automation. It’s only now that they can finally start to […]

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Don’t be afraid of the content bots: 5 ways to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence for content marketing

5 ways to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence for content marketing

Imagine you took a world-class business writer and asked him to rate the quality of several pieces of content in a blind test. Would he be able to tell which ones were created by humans and which ones were produced by automated writing? Well, that’s exactly what Mark Schaefer addressed recently. To find out that… […]

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Why marketing automation software is not enough to cover all your content marketing bases

why marketing automation software isn't enough to cover all your content marketing bases

Update: we’ve added a comparison chart to at the end of this post to give you a detailed and visual overview of the difference between marketing automation software and content marketing software. Today, content marketing is an indispensable practice for marketers, with 88% of B2B marketers using it to generate traffic, leads and revenue. But while it’s […]

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How to use WordPress + Google Docs to help you collaborate more effectively on your blog

how to collaborate more effectively on your blog wordpress and google docs integration

Who writes directly in WordPress? Bloggers: Do you draft posts in WordPress or somewhere else first then import into wordpress? — Devesh Khanal (@deveshkhanal) January 28, 2016 Not many people it seems. Good content requires collaboration: drafting, comments, reviews, editing, etc. Even natural-born writers need editors. Perhaps more importantly, content marketing is not about creating content […]

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How to scale content marketing through technology: 5 essential tips from Engagio’s Jon Miller

How to scale content marketing through technology

Jon Miller, one of the most influential leaders in MarTech (founder of Marketo and now Engagio) recently hosted an informative discussion during ContentTECH, Content Marketing Institute‘s one-day virtual marketing event dedicated to content marketing technology. With so much experience and vision, Jon was able to shed some light on a few very interesting areas of content marketing, and provided […]

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Getting over the employee advocacy hump: 3 easy ways to get your co-workers to share your content

Getting over the employee advocacy hump- 3 ways to get your coworkers sharing your content

A couple of weeks ago, I was presenting to the marketing team of a large European company that was visiting Silicon Valley to better understand the impact of technology on their business. As I was preparing, I looked up their Twitter account: 41.7K followers. Then I looked up their LinkedIn followers: 63k. Facebook fans: 151.2k. Finally […]

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How to optimize your content marketing lifecycle for ROI – webinar with Sprout Social &

How to optimize your content marketing lifecycle for long term success

How long does it usually take you to write a good blog post? I’m talking about the entire process, from start to finish: the research, writing, sources, links, images, CTAs, reviewing, proofreading, publishing, etc.? We found that it can take an average of 4 to 6 hours in total. Creating good content is hard, we […]

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Content marketing analytics: how to look at the right KPIs to measure ROI (and what we learned from 20,000 conversions)

Content Marketing Analytics Framework for ROI

As we finished 2015, I looked back at our data to find out how we’ve been doing with our own content marketing. Content marketing is fundamentally human and my first source of feedback is to be constantly listening to our audience and customers. But as a data-driven marketer and entrepreneur, I find that looking at the […]

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Content marketing best practices: what we learned from 1,000+ SMB marketers

Adoption of top lean content marketing best practices by SMB marketers copy

Content marketers have no shortage of advice when it comes to best practices. The industry clearly practices what it preaches and publishes a gigantic amount of content on… how to do content right. So how do you cut through the clutter and get clarity on what’s important? Especially if you don’t have time to read […]

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