Why re-publishing content to other platforms is a great way to fully leverage (and not replace) your blog

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Rand’s presentation on how to re-use and recycle content, update existing content, and earn better rankings and visibility.

Read the full article at: www.slideshare.net

Rand Fishkin makes a crystal clear point on what re-publishing your content to other platforms can bring.

Should I even have a blog when I can use Medium or LinkedIn?

Is there a point to keeping my blog when Medium and LinkedIn offer free publishing with social and discovery features that also bring me an audience? Can I really build my audience with my blog or is it sufficient to just use shortcuts and tap into existing ones?

These are confusing questions faced by many people, and most end up arriving at the conclusion that they don’t need a blog anymore. If you’re an individual running a personal blog and all that matters to you is your own brand, this rationale might make a bit more sense: blogs take time to set up and maintain, and additional resources that you simply may not have. But as a marketer, this mentality defeats the purpose of many content marketing objectives, which would suffer in any number of the following ways:

  • SEO: absence of content on your site means no search traffic
  • Brand awareness: your content will be overshadowed by another company’s logo or banners
  • Lead generation: you won’t be able to add CTAs and convert (at least not as naturally and with the required tracking capabilities)

Having a blog and re-publishing its content elsewhere: the best of both worlds?

While you should be tapping into other audiences, this doesn’t mean you should relinquish your own blog or content hub. This would be ill-advised. Rather than give up your blog, seize the best of both worlds and:

  • Maintain a consistent rhythm of publishing on your blog.
  • Re-publish your blog content when it makes sense to Medium, LinkedIn or industry/partner websites by following Rand’s guidelines from this presentation (note: in most cases, this won’t be a systematic approach and you’ll probably end up wanting to re-publish only part of your content).

According to Rand, this strategy generates 3x more traffic, amplifies reach and dramatically improves search rankings. If you’re interested in what results this can bring, read our post on the results from our own experiment.

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