Content marketing automation do’s and don’ts

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content marketing automation dos and donts

Confused on which tools to use, or how much automation to turn “on” in your content marketing? There’s a fine line. Read our guide!

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Great post by Julia McCoy of Express Writers.

And yes, even though I’m a techie, I believe there are some dangers in over-automating.

But, as I discussed in an article I recently wrote for the Content Marketing Institute, I believe the key to avoid these dangers while being efficient is to use automation to be smarter and not just faster.

I see a lot of people attempt to take shortcuts and implement automation as a way to do that. But content marketing is about building relationships and trust with your target audience so that they feel educated (not sold) on the topics that will potentially lead them to consider your products. The “building relationships and trust” part is not something a machine can do – and over-automating can be counter-productive.

That being said, content marketing is tough and time-consuming so it’s definitely a must to automate repeatable tasks such as social media distribution, for instance.

But beyond that, technology that helps us be smarter is really the next step. Here are a few examples:

  • Research tools such as BuzzSumo or the suggestion engine that can help you understand what types of content to create by automating content discovery and research.


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predictive insights intelligence


Overall, the future of content marketing automation should be to help you get more from your content- not just more content.

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