Beyond Analytics: The best SEO Tools for Content Marketers

“We all want content marketing results, but they can be hard to get without the right SEO tools. Here is a list containing 27 search optimization essentials.”

SEO changed over the past few years through the Google Search algorithm updates: from being a complex, tech process involving back links and labor – and to be fair not always very “white hat” – it became synonym for “regularly publish great content“.

This means that SEO tools have considerably changed and while analytics tools like Google’s or Moz are still very important, they help you measure but they don’t solve the main problem content marketers have: how to scale the content volume without sacrificing quality.

So we’re not surprised to see content-focused tools in that great list of SEO tools compiled by Writtent, a company that provide content services for B2B marketers.

What is my SEO opportunity? What are the keywords I should invest on? How do I rank against competitors? Sure, all of this is extremely important. But over analyzing is not going to help you come out with the great content you need: the pieces that answer your potential clients’ questions, that will educate them or that will make them see more clearly the value of your product throughout their buyer journey.

The good news in all of this?

Acting on your SEO doesn’t require complex technical work anymore. Especially with tools like these, it finally became what it should always have been: a Marketing job.

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Guillaume Decugis
Co-Founder & CEO @Scoopit. Entrepreneur (Musiwave, Goojet). Engineer-turned-marketer. Skier. Rock singer.

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Hey Guillaume,

Thanks for checking out our post. Your short analysis of the current state of SEO is spot-on:)

Guillaume Decugis

Glad you liked it Helen. And thanks for including in such a nice position in your list: we were honored!

Love your blog btw: just added it to my content sources on for my curated topic on content marketing and seo.


Thanks, Guillaume!

It’s especially nice to hear from someone who is actually a part of the social media landscape!

Have a great week.

Two dots

Thank to sharing interesting articles and services


Well done Guillaume Decugis,, you did a great job. This kind of list should be updated
after a span of time as due to SEO environment changes unexpectedly. I found
few new tools which I never used. Aside I use SEO Book toolbar, It gives you
all basic features that you need to use in daily routine.Check here

Please share your thoughts If you’ve used SEO Book toolbar.


Marissa Davidson

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Alice Mark

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