Social Media Engagement is Not a Strategy


Social media marketers are keen to drive engagement but it may not necessarily be a viable strategy. In fact, it comes at a cost.


Mark Schaefer has a great point: we often confuse the means with the end.

In a blog post that I wrote a couple weeks ago, I explained why I thought social media publishing was dead – as we know it. One of these points was that the impact of publishing on social media for our goals is the combination of volume, quality and engagement. As Mark explains, engagement is only one variable in that equation.

So how can you convert your social media activity to make it count towards your goals?

One of the important basic first step you can take is to make sure you publish through a content hub that you can make your own and from where you can convert visitors: to subscribe to your content, to re-share your previously published content or to sign up for whatever pre-sales activity makes sense in your business.


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john micheal

your info-graphic about the social media engagement is really awesome.


I think you are right, we often consider social media wrongly.


It corroborates my experience with social media. Indulging in social media without properly targeting business objectives may be a passion but certainly not business.


Finally one few the few gurus who get it. Great article. Engagement is something shiny and tends to steal all of our productive time.

Tanya Smith

This is making a great point and I love that Mark drives it home with a set of simple slides. It’s making me rethink my own strategy and what I deliver in training.


interesting article thanks


I agree with what you’ve said here. I think the reason why social media has grown in silos and sort of detached is that most of us try to delegate it to some one who gets it and they are usually younger generations who simply not mature enough to understand the business implications of what they do and how to tie their efforts to ROI and other types of measurements. I think it would be very useful to educate our social media staff so they know how they are contributing and in what form or shape.

Harold Compton

Slide #64 is something I have been preaching for some time and still have trouble convincing some people. Great slide show!

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