A simple SEO guide in 2015 (Infographic)

“Penguin. Panda. Pigeon. Phantom. Navigating the constant pace of Google algorithm updates makes SEO in 2015 a much harder game to play. But companies and individuals who are producing high-quality branded content on a consistent basis are the ones that have the edge in terms of search visibility.”

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Is SEO really a harder game to play as KunoCreative’s Dan Stasiewski put it in this excellent SEO guide infographic?

Maybe for black hat SEO hackers.

But the good news is that the rules are also a lot simpler: “publish high quality, fresh, relevant content” being the most important one – or as Kuno puts it in this infographic “blogging consistently”. If you’re looking on how to do that, read ExpressWriters’ founder, Julia McCoy, take on the best SEO content strategies that still work. And if blogging consistently is your issue, download our eBook on how to blog consistently in 30 minutes per day or less.

The other rules detailed in there are good and they’re also very simple to follow. And you can get help through tools. For instance, if you’re using WordPress, a plugin like Yoast will make it super easy for you follow them.

Simple rules doesn’t mean simple to execute. But at least the objectives are clear: blog consistently and the rest will follow.


And if you’d like to see how content curation can help you improve SEO, you should read this eBook!

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Md Niloy // Dreaming

Thanks for your important things.
It is so helpfull.
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Great resource, we use it as a content curation site.


Thanks for information..
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Hanif Sipai

I really like the way to reprent the data and strategies in Infographics way. I am almost using all for now but would like to share it with my audience for sure on my site: http://www.hanifsipai.com


Thanks for guiding us to execute SEO the right way in 2015 http://www.scoop.it/u/webstra-marketing


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this SEO tips give webmaster clear instruction on how to do better SEO, oh, it’s so simple to understand. however produce high quality content is so harder for most of people since their are not professional writer, this is key factor.


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Michael Doane

Google said recently that linking out to other content doesn’t matter as much as it used to…
Keywords don’t matter either (especially with semantic search)…

This seems like outdated advice to me.

Guillaume Decugis
@medoane:disqus Keyword stuffing certainly is outdated but this mentions including keywords in title and h1, urls, etc… Both are different and we just did an experiment of changing the title of one of our landing pages that made us rank in a matter of days on the first page for the targeted keyword (while we didn’t before). If what you’re saying is that keyword density on a page should less or even not be a concern because semantic analysis captures that, I would certainly agree. But that’s not what this infographic recommends. On the first point, I have no data… Read more »
Moral Max

Both are different and we just did an experiment of changing the title of one of our landing pages that made us rank in a matter of days on the first page for the targeted keyword .Casquette NY

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