You’ve always dreamt to have your own blog but…

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Who has never been a bit envious of these bloggers: they always have something to say, they have inspiration every day, they have an idea about everything…

But the truth is: most people don’t have time for that, it’s complex… and we don’t have a fantastic subject in mind from Monday to Tuesday.

Why is a topic with different to a blog?

First of all, topics in are much easier to set up than a blog: the most difficult thing is to have the subject of your theme, and then after a few minutes, it’s done!

Then, topics in are easier to maintain: you don’t have to write or to find inspiration all night to pick the right subject. Because you get automatic suggestions from the sources you like the most, there’s no need to be inspired, and the best ideas are coming to you naturally!

To give a better idea, you can have a look at some topics:

So… what’s your favorite topic?

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