Need a topic? Here’s some inspiration!

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If somebody asks you the question, « what’s your favorite topic? » you’ll have no problem to tell him your #1 topic. But when you’ll start your topic, maybe you’ll have more difficulties to find an original one, with a bit of eccentricity…

Here are some tips:
There’s a lot of different ways to talk about a subject you like. For instance, you like basketball? You can easily have a topic about… the Spurs, or Tony, Parkers, or basketball shoes, bests dunks, a coach that you like, or even the history of that sport.
You like traveling? Why not creating a topic about your travel in Asia, Alaska, or South Africa? You don’t like to travel? Well, speak about your city if you have a lot to say about it!
You go to the cinema quite often and you like to watch a lot of movies at home? Then create your movie/cinema topic! Horror, romance, thriller, whatever you like, other users will like it too!
What kind of people inspired you in your life? If you are a geek, it might be Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, if you are an artist, Picasso, Salvatore Dali, Vivaldi, or Lady Gaga! If you are a politician it can be Marthin Luther King, or De Gaulle, or Berlusconi (why not!). And if you still believe in Prince Charming, why not Jude Law or Georges Clooney?
You like your pet more than everything? Share with us information about rats, fish, giraffes or turtles!
You like to cook, or you are simply very greedy? Share the recipes you like, or your favorite’s teas or coffees, or the best pizzas!
You are interested in politics? Create a topic about a specific party, or a leader
Always looking for the next book to read? Why not creating a topic and sharing ideas and reviews with other readers?
Cars and motorcycles addict, tell us about your passion!
As a girl, you might be a fan of accessories: belts, earrings, hats? Fashion is boundless !
We all have some causes that are really important: a charity, Sustainable Development, animal welfare? Let us know !
What’s your favorite brand? Your favorite shop? The restaurants or pubs you like to go?

The more specific will be your topic and the more interesting it will be for your audience. Don’t be afraid not to please everyone, just make sure that your audience is faithful, and… addicted to your topic!

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9 years ago

Thanks its a very good inspiration to me

9 years ago

Thanks its a very good inspiration to me

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