Event Organizers, Scoop.it is for you

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We love to discover and share new ways Scoop.it is being used by our great beta users. We’ve had a couple of major events using Scoop.it this week and we thought it was worth sharing.

Scoop.it was used by the ReedMidem, the organizer of Connected Creativity at MIPTV, a new global forum uniting the world’s dominant market forces and leading innovators in entertainment, mobile media and technology at Cannes.

Slide Show displaying the last industry news through the Scoop.it page Connected Creativity curated by the event organizers.

Earlier this week, the team behind the Data 2.0 conference in San Francisco used Scoop.it to share key content and news related to the event, including a great announcement between Twitter and Datasift that should open new opportunities for Social Media developers.

What Event organizers told us about their use of Scoop.it is that they like to draw people’s interest early on but also provide key highlights about it during and after the show. As a topic-centric publishing platform, Scoop.it helped them do that by providing a webpage where they can share hot news about or related to your event. They felt it helped make their event’s impact last longer.

Some great other examples:

–       LeWeb at Paris in December 2010

–       SXSW at Austin in March 2011

As we love events, we’d be very happy to support you if you’re organizing one so feel free to contact us!

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