The Art of Curation Class at pariSoma: Teaching a Passion

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Can you teach how to be authentic and engage online? I absolutely believe it especially when we talk about curation. We are all natural curators. We have all a passion, a message, a topic we love to focus on or to talk about with others.
This Monday, at pariSoma in San Francisco, it was “the art of curation” for me. I was introducing my series by presenting what a curator is to me, and exploring why curation is important for an individual or a brand in the digital age of information overload.

I really believe you understand you are a curator when you realize you’re a trusty resource in a specific field. Remember when you were going out of a movie sending a text to one of your friends saying “I saw this incredible film, you should see it, you will love it!”? You were already advising based on your knowledge foe the benefit of others.

The medium may be different, but the activity is the same, the mission is very similar: take care of your readers to guide them through the content, to be sure they find the relevant information.
That’s the main message I wanted to give to the students that came yesterday. Curation could be a buzzword, but that’s not a reason to lose sight of its strong meaning: Be passionate about what you are talking about, share this focus and engagement, to engage at the same level on the other side of the table. I really do believe that’s how you create a deepest relationship with your audience. When I start a discussion, to make it meaningful, I love to see my interlocutor being engaged, relevant and attentive to me. Why it should it be different behind a computer?

It’s not. Is this easier to say for an individual than for a brand?
 No, it’s not. The time where you had to be there to exist is over. You have to create value and pull interesting content to find your community. And this is great news; it means you keep the web qualitative and understandable. It means you become a source for others who are ready to learn from you and share with you.

Being passionate is not only something individuals can do. I expect the same from my favorite brands. Because that how I can identify myself to them; resonate with them. Finding the fine line between who I am and what you do- that’s what curation is for me.

I am excited next week to explore why the time of curators is coming, and how curation is changing the search area online. Curation brings back something I do believe in: it humanizes the internet. Who cannot not benefit from this?

To explore the series, here is the program, with the second class next Monday in SF.

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