Or of Blogging period? – End of an Era: The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over

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Jeremiah Owyang makes a number of great observations in this post that he interprets as the end of the golden era of tech blogging. I strongly recommend reading it as it’s indeed hard not to see a pattern after the sale of TechCrunch, of ReadWriteWeb or the departure of Ben Parr or Marshall Kirckpatrick.
Is this related to Tech only or is it a larger trend? Is blogging itself – and not just tech blogging – coming to an end?I think it’s fair to say that a number of these observations are valid for the whole blogosphere: lack of attention span of readers, news and content remixing, fatigue of some personal brands, emergence of new business models, etc…
Blogging will not disappear but new forms of expression are definitely stealing the show from blogging platforms. Curation among them.
Via www.web-strategist.com

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