Is Curation the missing stack of the News-as-Data-Platform model?

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A very good blog post by Felix Salmon on what technologists understand faster than journalists : the idea of “stack”, the key to embrace the shift in media now :
“Technologists, on the other hand, intuitively understand the idea of “the stack”, which is the nerd version of “the platform” that all entrepreneurs and media gurus love to talk about incessantly. Essentially, they have spent their entire careers building things on other things. That happens in legacy media, too, sometimes: cable channels, for instance, live on a distribution platform owned by someone else. But print media in the US has historically been highly vertically integrated: the same company would create the content, edit it, print it, and distribute it directly to its customers’ front doors.”
Mathew Ingram already warned media publishers with a similar thought: it’s a data platform.
Now, when we think about these stacks, we feel they are not just creation + sharing. Yes, content creation is one stack and – as Dave Karp points out – it is synergetic with the sharing stack which amplifies it. But another stack is essential here: curation.
Curation is not just sharing but brings context and meaning. Isn’t it the missing piece of the puzzle (or the missing stack) in social media thus far?

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