Lord of Curation Series: Jérôme Rastoldo

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Our Lord of Curation series presents to you some of the great curators on Scoop.it. They are here to share their insights and advice with you.

Jérôme Rastoldo: Born in France / Lives in San Francisco / Enjoying the Bay Area/ Passionate about music and technology / French Electro advocate / Social media geek / Working as a consultant for L’Atelier / Looking for crazy start-ups

-What is curation to you?

I think curation is about trying to provide the readers with an overview of a specific topic to help them understand it and develop their own opinions. As a curator, I don’t intend to present a biased opinion. I’d rather pick up articles that trigger debates, make the readers rethink their positions and embrace all the aspects of the subject, in this case music, which is a great topic for discussion.

-What is your best curating secret?

I don’t really have any tip or secret. As a person passionate about music business, I am just trying to create a topic I would be happy to read. The more I curate, the more I understand what I really want to share and how to do it. That’s it!

-How has curation enriched your social media experience?

We are constantly being overwhelmed with information. Curation is a great tool to organize this information, give it consistency and sense. It is, to me, the next step in the social media experience: relying on passionate people that will help us improve our understanding of a specific subject.

-What do you find the most interesting – the music industry itself or the crazy changes it is experiencing?

The changes the music industry is facing are fascinating to me. For years technology has been reshaping the way we experience music, which is becoming more interactive and social. Rethinking music creation and distribution needs to embrace technology and music as a whole. This is a very interesting moment in music history, and I am excited to witness it.

Our Lord of Curation series continues next week. Stay tuned!

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