What is SXSW's favorite topic?

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SXSW is starting friday and the Scoop.it team will be there. Guillaume and I are really excited to go. You hear a lot that the festival is now so big its hard to make sense of it. It is absolutely true. But still, it stays one of the places to be when you work in tech. Because from this intense concentration of startups,panelists, influencers, journalists, celebrities, you can find one of the greatest stimulation of the year.

In only one condition : curating it of course!

That’s the quest and challenge we wanted to take this year : during these 4 days of craziness, let’s try to keep the best and find what drives the festival’s heart and excitement this year?

We came up with an obvious solution. Scoop.it is now a powerful publishing platform where your trusted community of curators lead you to what you should take time to read, explore and share. We collectively have millions of readers, because they know that is the place where you find and interact with publishers who talk on what matter for you and for them.

SXSW matters and we are glad to invite you to read our magazine asking the question that deserves our attention : What is SXSW’s favorite topic this year?

To answer, Guillaume and I will cover the festival every day, meet key voices from the tech world, publish videos interviews, pictures and interesting articles representing for us the best to make sense of the festival.

Because we care and want you to always learn and feed your curiosity on Scoop.it.

Follow our magazine now, share it, suggest, talk to us, react to what we curate there. Only together, this quest will not only be meaningful but also really fun.

So, SXSW, here we come!

And you, what do you think will be the favorite SXSW’s favorite topic this year?

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12 years ago

I found this article very informative and enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing,!

12 years ago

I found this article very informative and enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing,!

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