How UserVoice Keeps Customers (Happy) Through Content

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In this week’s edition of’s lean content meetup, we were honored to welcome the the Content & Community Director of UserVoice, Evan Hamilton.

Ally Greer‘s insight:

In our last #leancontent meetup, UserVoice’s Evan Hamilton shared some great advice on creating and distributing content. The main questions answered included:

1. Why Content?

2. What Type of Content Should I Create?

3. How Should I Distribute my Content?

4. How do I Reap the Benefits of Content?

5. What Tips Can You Provide for Content Creation?

Check out the writeup to find out the answers!

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Ally Greer
Ally is's Director of Content & Community. She loves to geek out over anything social, Internet, or tech related. When she isn't working, you'll probably find her running the streets of San Francisco. Follow Ally on Twitter @allygreer.
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