Stealing images from the web vs using images ethically [infographic] |

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Editor’s Note: Copyright and fair use of images is oftentimes a difficult set of rules to follow. It’s very easy with the tools available (namely Google Image search) to grab pictures and use them without thinking whether you are using that image fairly or not. While this infographic is a bit self-promotional on behalf of, they are a useful platform for making the web a better, more fair place. Take a look! 

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on image use online! I’d love all perspectives  — from bloggers to photographers.

Stealing Images Online VS Using Images Fairly

by Imgembed.
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10 years ago

Good and beautiful infographic, thanks scoopt for share it, greeting from Colombia, im active user of your website

Belinda Summers
10 years ago

I agree on the ethical use of images. We should always give credit to the owners and makers of the image or at least mention them to recognize their work.

10 years ago

i disagree for any cheating method for use

10 years ago

Very interesting. However I’m a graphic designer/artist and sometimes required to use google images to incorporate in to the design. However I hate this way because it lessens my creativity as an artist plus so many projects have to be working on at the same time. I think buying/giving credit to the author or creator is essential.

Clipping Path
10 years ago

I agree with you.

Jasson Hazzard
Jasson Hazzard
9 years ago

Very informative article, I do not use an stolen image until moderate it accordingly.

Kaisar Hasan
Kaisar Hasan
9 years ago

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unique clipping path
8 years ago

why would anybody steal images. if you have any kind of raw images which you can not use in your website or any other professional purpose you can make that professional by using Photoshop. if you have no time then find some clipping path service provider or photo editing service provider to do this for you. i don’t think it will cost you a lot of money.

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