Becoming a world champion blogger by leveraging your existing characteristics and resources

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Editor’s Note: At, we believe content curation is just as powerful as original content generation. But, what many people miss is that when they curate, often they are creating original content on top of the existing article or other media through the addition of context, opinion, or curator’s insight. So, with that in mind, check out the following Guest Article from an expert blogger on creating strong blog content!

This article gives some great tips on how to write an effective blog post, and also how to become a great blogger. The two go hand-in-hand, but some people think there is a quick route and solution. They think that they can read a few tips and suddenly create fantastic blog posts. That is why this article offers both tips on how write an effective blog, and how to actually be and become an effective blogger.

Keep your blog to a specific theme

This is a big mistake that a lot of people make when they veer away from their usual blog theme. Some people start with a blog that is about one thing and change it over time to a blog about another thing. They therefore lose all of the viewers that first started reading their blog and have to find new visitors. You need to create blog posts that are based on your blog theme.

Target a certain set of people

There are a certain set of people out there who are really interested in your blog topic. They are the ones that you need to target with your blog promotion, blog or essay writing. So, find out who they are, what they are interested in, what they love doing, and what they love reading. Use a bit of common sense, for example, most NRA lifetime members are not going to enjoy blog posts that compliment the democrats, and few children are going to enjoy reading blog posts on how to avoid traffic jams.

Actually, do research on your posts 

You will be surprised at the things you learn, and at the amount of misinformation that there is on the Internet. It is a very good idea to do a little research on your next blog post, even if you are very knowledgeable about the subject. You need to do this because you are competing with other people and you should look at what they have written. You may also learn a few new things and a few new statistics that you can put into your blog post to make it more interesting.

Fixing yourself and turning into a champion blogger 

Below are a few tips that apply to you as a blogger that are going to help you become an even better blogger than you are right now. And don’t forget about editing and proofreading before posting your work.

Write posts about things you are interested in

This is what makes good bloggers into great bloggers. The posts that are written by people who are passionate about the topic are the ones that go down in history. Think about it–which would be better? A post about halal meat by a person who has to look up what it is? Or, a post about halal meat by a person who has seen the horror in the abattoir. A post about the movie “Fight Club” who didn’t really get the film and missed bits? Or, a post about the “Fight Club” movie by a person whose life it changed and who got over their first love with the movie? Which posts do you think would be better?

Learn about your circadian rhythm

The saying that some people are morning persons, and others are night persons does hold some water. Your attention span and even your mood will alter through the day from morning to night. You need to look up when your most optimal times are if you want to get the most done.

Find a way of monetizing what you love doing

You should find a way of making some sort of income from doing the things that you love. It is just as easy to be poor whilst doing the things you love, as it is to be poor doing a job you hate.

Use a scheduling tool

This is important if you want to keep you blog viewers. It is all about being consistent, and you cannot be consistent without a scheduling tool. This program is going to allow you to upload your blog posts and then will upload them to your blog at the correct time each week. This means that you can get ahead of yourself with your blog, and means you will never miss a blog posting time, or will never be late posting your blog.

Have the scheduling tool update your RSS feed too 

Your RSS feed is vital to the success of your blog. If you do not have an RSS feed then make sure you install one right now. Then, you need to find a scheduling tool that is going to allow you to update your RSS feed at the same time that it updates your blog. This will mean that you will never forget to update your RSS feed again, meaning you will never let your readers down.

Emily Lucas is an experienced freelance writer and blogger for many sites, including Her aim is to share big ideas with young audiences and provide useful tips for education and private life.

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Antonio Pastor Serrano
Antonio Pastor Serrano
10 years ago

Excelente comentario e indicaciones. Lástima que yo no sepa aplicar mi feed RSS, ni tampoco cómo hacerlo. Saludos

kimberley vico
kimberley vico
10 years ago

Excellent tips for blogging!

Maël Roth
Maël Roth
10 years ago

Monetizing is possible through content thanks to content marketing and native advertising. Once the advertisers get it right, it’s a win-win situation!

Tajul Islam
10 years ago

Excellent Idea that help me to become best blogger

10 years ago

Could you give some more info on the scheduling tools – which ones are good?

Belinda Summers
10 years ago

Way the go Emily. Bloggers should always consider his/her readers convenience and most important, delivering the content they wanted to read. They would really appreciate if you could write something about the topics they liked and would reply to their comments as soon as possible. As a blogger, it it such an obligation that you engage. Great tips above. 🙂

10 years ago

is there more tools like this?

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