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Here at, we have a set of values that we measure all of our wins and defeats against. We ask ourselves — “does the spec for this release support our values and mission or are we just trying to be fancy,” or “was this decision made to further what we think is best for the community based on our own DNA?” And sometimes, that means making tough decisions.

Our community and the support of our users falls at the top of a very short list of things we care about. Recently, we’ve noticed that one of the channels we’ve historically used to support users has become rife with spam, hateful comments, and inaccurate information. We don’t like that, and that’s not how we want to support our awesome users in the future.

So, from today on, we are shutting the support forums down. 

When we were considering this decision, we thought about our values and if “taking something away” was supported by them. As a team, we came to the conclusion that our values support real-life engagements, meaningful interactions, and 1:1 relationship building over a fancy piece of technology. We strive to maintain simple systems that work as well as possible for our user — and we believe that a simplified support structure fits the bill in this instance.

But don’t be afraid. I, along with the rest of the support team, will be available right behind the little tab on the right of your screen called “Feedback” to answer all of your questions about Simply asking a question there will lead you straight to me; no forums, no obstacles. We value your time as much as our own, which is why we’ve decided to create a single-channel communication system.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how your ideal support system would be structured, or just on the future of support in general. And thanks so much for being awesome!


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