OK, Glass — inspire me: a post about the positive impact tech has on our lives.

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I recently got back from some travels, and as I walked around Germany, Italy, and my hometown near Washington, DC., I could not help but think about my relationship with technology and how it has evolved throughout the years. Living in San Francisco and working in Silicon Valley, I often forget that other cities are not as inspired by technology. Not so long ago, I too did not quite comprehend how technology could and would change my life.

When I was sixteen years old, I had a boyfriend who was computer science genius. It wasn’t so cool back then, and I remember making fun of him as he literally covered up his computer (which ran on Linux, I might add) after he finished coding every night. This said boyfriend is now a graduate student at MIT working in the department of brain and cognitive sciences, and is using his love for technology to make the world a better place- something that I do find quite cool, I might add.

Back but in high school, I did not know much about technology then nor was I too inspired to learn more. Countless cities and years later, living in San Francisco and having the opportunity to experience Glass, I am so appreciative because I finally understand what my boyfriend understood years ago. Glass has taught me that technology has less to do with the actual hardware, software, coding language or materials which are used to create it and keep it functioning. Sure, all of this is exciting and inspiring for some, and that is great. What I have discovered is that technology does truly make me feel more human than ever, and capture life through a whole new perspective- and this is a priceless gift.

With a simple nod of my head and the words, “OK Glass,” I can tell Glass what to do, and it’s really that simple. From taking photos and HD videos, to Google searches, surfing the web and making video calls, and navigation, Glass helps me find my way when I am lost, and call my sister to tell her about an awesome dress I am trying on, while I am trying it on. For the first time in my life, I can fully stay in the present moment while sharing it with those I love. This experience has completely changed my life.

A few months ago I took my little nephew to the amusement park. He had never ridden a roller-coaster before, and was scared. I remembered how years before, my niece was feeling similarly and I convinced her to get on the ride anyway. Big mistake. That was the longest ride of my life. Her screaming and crying, me unable to do anything about it. This time, things were different. I told my nephew we could go on the roller-coaster and that I would capture the experience. He would relive the first time he tried to be really brave. And he was sold. After we got off the roller-coaster, he was so proud of himself.


When we got home that day, I played the video of his first ever roller coaster experience for my entire family on Google+. My niece Felice has conveniently forgotten her very first roller coaster ride. Not having Glass back then, I of course had no reminder to show. Watching Sean enjoy his ride, my whole family got to experience a moment in Sean’s life that was so precious because it taught him the meaning of bravery. To have not only experienced this, but to have captured it as a reminder for him, is a priceless gift and it was in that moment, sitting with my whole family and seeing them smile at him as he smiled to himself, that I realized the power of Glass. It’s much more than a vehicle through which I can take photos, capture videos, search for information, make calls, send texts and video calls. It has literally helped me find my way home, to a moment of pure inspiration and so now when I say the words, “OK, Glass, take a picture,” or “OK Glass, Google photos of roller coasters,” what I am really saying is, “OK, Glass- Inspire me.”

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