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Today might be just another Thursday…oh who am I kidding, it’s Twitter IPO day! With extreme admiration for Twitter, we’re really pumped to tell you about the two little features we rolled out earlier today.


It’s about time! You can now @mention another curator within your insights and comments. Pinging other users of a platform comes in super handy on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and now! Want to bring someone into the conversation, or give a shout out to another curator? Just type the @-sign and then their name, and they will be alerted. Further, your readers will be able to click on the profiles of the curators mentioned in your post. Let the community building commence!

LinkedIn Post Editing

If you’re a social media manager (or know or work with one) you’re probably aware of the rookie mistake that is cross-posting to different social networks without editing the message for the platform and its specific audience. Previously, if you checked off Twitter and Facebook sharing on a new post, you could edit those messages individually, but the rest of the networks – namely LinkedIn – were stuck with the auto-generated post from your scoop.

Well, savvy social media-ites, fear no more! Now, when publishing to LinkedIn from, you have a third post-editing box where you can change the message that goes along with your link on LinkedIn. You can now send one message to Facebook, a second to Twitter, and a third to LinkedIn, all in the same click.

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We love hearing your feedback. What other improvements would you like to see from in the future?

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