Why You Need to be on Social Media

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If you are a private citizen with no business concern at all, then there is no great need for you to be on social media. The main reason that many private citizens are on it is because it is fun. You get to communicate with your friends and complete strangers. It is also loaded with brand new content every day, including content that your friends and family have posted. It allows people to see family photographs that were uploaded by distant relatives. It also allows you to share things between friends that will make them laugh. If however you are running a website, blog, business, or all three, then it is vitally important that you are on social media.

People expect your business to be there

We have come to the stage in history where people expect your business to be on social media by default. It is a little like how twenty years ago people automatically expected your business to be in the phone book. People are going to search out the things that they like on social media, and if your target audience likes you then they are going to search you out. If you are not on there, then they are going to be disappointed, and you risk them becoming disillusioned.

You can gain free traffic for your website, blog or business

Social media is going to take up your time, and your time is valuable. Even if you are a blogger your time is valuable, because whilst you are typing things into social media you are not working on your blog. However, if you think about it, you will see that every other form of marketing is also going to take up your valuable time. Whether you are working on your SEO, proof-editing or making adverts for your affiliate adverts, you are going to be using your time.

The big difference between working on your marketing and working on your social media marketing is that it is free to host your adverts and promotional material. If you were to create an advert and host it on a website, then it is going to cost you money. But, if you were to create an advert and then post it on social media–it is free! In that sense, you are far more likely to see a bigger return on your investment when you consider how little you had to invest in the first place.

You can spend your time on social media more productively

If you are the sort of person who goes on social media anyway, then you can go on it and be productive at the same time. If you are going to spend your time on it already, then your social media marketing time is not going to cut into your productive hours. The only people who are going to have to use their productive hours are the ones who would have never gone on social media in the first place.

You are able to have fun on social media, and promote your blog, website and/or business at the same time. So for you, it is win-win.

Social media has a few good SEO benefits too

The online programmers have made social media integration something that is simple and effective at boosting your website’s traffic and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They have created widgets that you can install on your website or blog so that people only need to click them in order to talk about you on social media.

They have made widgets so that your audience can click a “Like” button to show their appreciation for that element (text, image, video elements, etc). Not only do these widgets help to improve your SEO, but they also allow the people on social media to display the things that they like to their friends.

There are even comment sections that are powered by social media sites. Instead of making a comment on a website or blog about an article/post, people can make a comment powered by a social media site. The comment will appear on the website/blog with their profile picture next to it, and it will also appear on their social media profile (if they want it to). This will help to improve your traffic numbers and your SEO.

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Belinda Summers
10 years ago

Yes, since I started focusing my social media efforts on linkedin and Google plus I get to have traffic from those social media network. Indeed, social media and SEO are like twins, you can’t just separate the one from the other. 🙂

10 years ago

Very true! Nowadays social media marketing is a must!

10 years ago

it also costs money and time. I’m not sure of the ROI

10 years ago

Its good for getting traffic

Manish Gahlyan
Manish Gahlyan
10 years ago

Thanks For share Great think of social media

Toby Crabtree
10 years ago

Loved reading your blog! Social media has become very important part of every day life. It is great medium for promoting products and services of any business.

social networking Rochester NY

I was looking for something like this..really a good post..

10 years ago

Social media is very important to business purpose but you are a private citizen it is no need to you.i agree with your points.Thank you.

Ben Shockley
Ben Shockley
10 years ago

I have enjoyed reading your blog! Social media is here to stay
and has become very important integral part of everyday life. It is great
medium for promoting products and services of any business. The WOW
factor in your business is going to be on multiple social media platforms. You could not stop it if you wanted to!

Don Jeffre
Don Jeffre
10 years ago

Social Media is making many other forms of connecting with people almost obsolete. It is perfect for staying in touch with family, friends and associates.

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