Why lean is the future of content marketing at #SMWNYC

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In conjunction with Social Media Week NYC, Scoop.it’s Ally Greer spoke to attendees and content marketers about the #leancontent methodology and how to use curation to jumpstart a business.

Ally Greer‘s insight:

On Wednesday, I hosted a Social Media Week to discuss the #leancontent framework and some tips on how to use curation to jumpstart a business / content marketing strategy.

For the first half of the talk, we went through the ideas behind information overload, lean content (leverage, experiment, automate, measure) and how finding ways to make an impact without spending loads of time and money can help further a brand and/or business.

Secondly, we went through the seven parts of a lean content curation strategy:

1. Content discovery: finding the right content to share with your audience.

2. Website hosting and integration: finding a place for your content to live online and be indexed in search.

3. Scheduling: spending a small amount of time setting up the rest of your day, then adopting the “set it and forget it” mentality.

4. Analytics: understanding your unique audience.

5. Team curation: involving the rest of your company in content creation and offloading resposibilities.

6. Distribution: making sure all of your audiences (on different platforms) see your content. Automate this process with tools like Scoop.it

7. Increased visibility: if you aren’t posting, someone else will be.

Have questions about lean content marketing, curation, or the future of content marketing? Ask in the comments!

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