13 Hidden Benefits of Guest Blogging

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Last week, the latest edition of the #leancontent took place in San Francisco with an incredibly smart and inspiring talk from SmartRecruiters’ David Smooke. He enlightened an extremely engaged audience on the importance of guest blogging and how it can be used to build community and authority, especially for startups.

Then, in an unprecedented post-presentation activity, the entire audience came together to create our very own crowdsourced piece of content. While this activity proved to be incredibly motivational and maybe even a little fun for us, it actually produced a great list of hidden benefits that could come from guest blogging. Have a look through the list, start building relationships, and as always, let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’d add!

Through creating relationships with guest bloggers on your own blog as well as creating content for external blogs yourself, you can…

-Build thought leadership and authority.

-Create emotional engagement, which can aid awareness and fundraising efforts.

-Create advertising that’s cheaper than advertising.

-Foster a community of unique content creators.

-Drive traffic to your site and gain new audiences.

-Build partnerships that can drive societal change through awareness.

-Form new relationships with individuals in your space.

-Brainstorm with publishers and learn about what content works on external sides, find new ideas for content strategies you might not have thought of on your own.

-Develop your personal brand (name recognition!) and help facilitate innovation.

-Feature your users and/or customers to empower them to be brand ambassadors.

-Borrow someone else’s audience to which you can establish yourself an expert.

-Expand your digital/SEO footprint.

-Learn more about and expand your potential target audience.

Thank you to all of the awesome members of the San Francisco #leancontent meetup group for contributing to this post. If you’re in San Francisco, don’t forget to join the club and say hi at our next event!

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10 years ago

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Belinda Summers
10 years ago

Indeed, guest blogging is beneficial but we should be more cautious in letting people connect with our websites. In the recent article that I had read it was said that guest blogging had gotten spammy now. It was due to an unsolicited email sent to Matt Cutts by a marketer, hoping to guest blog and promise to pay for the links. We just have to be responsible for guest blogging to work well in our campaign. Thanks for enumerating these all Ally. 🙂

eashan wali
eashan wali
9 years ago

But a regularly updated blog can produce a
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