Brand Stories vs. Product Stories

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One of my core beliefs of effective content marketing is to deliver content people actually want. Publish stories they actually will enjoy – to read and to share.

Ally Greer‘s insight:

I always love reading what Michael Brenner has to say. He’s a super intelligent authority on content marketing with tons of experience and great knowledge to share.

I like this piece for a few reasons. First  off, I couldn’t agree more. Michael highlights some awesome examples of content marketing & advertising by big brands like IBM and Coca Cola and how they use marketing and advertising to tell the stories of their brand rather than just to talk about their product. To take it even a step further, the stories of their brand often don’t even mention the brand itself, but rather they tell the stories of the value behind it.

Worth noting, though, is that these brands are able to do this. At one time, they weren’t established brands and had to go door to door (figuratively) and sell their products. For startups and small businesses, thought leadership and brand values are great to write about and include in content marketing, but it’s also important to keep some of the focus on your product and how you can pragmatically help your potential users/customers.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on talking about your product vs. talking about your brand & values and where the line crosses where you might not have to do both any longer.

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10 years ago

Hi Ally ! I think you , by mistake, pasted the wrong URL of Michael Brenner…Besides, loved your two cents 🙂

Belinda Summers
10 years ago

Perfecting the product versus marketing the product, I guess, start ups shouldn’t choose between these things. They just have to pick one at a time to be their priority and obviously that is producing quality products. Sometimes even without any tool or help of marketing, your business will sell itself as long as you have products worth telling, the word of the mouth will do it for you.

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