15 one-liners that will drastically impact your marketing: email edition

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15 one-liners that will drastically impact your marketing- email edition

According to Forrester, 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email. In a world of social conversations, that powerful stat supports that email marketing can still be a huge asset in your marketing campaigns. No matter what industry you’re marketing to, if you’re sending emails, you better be doing it well.

Check out this list of email one-liners [broken out by industry] that can drastically impact your marketing and your email campaigns.


Goal: convince the user to buy my product

1. [company] has automatically recommended [this product] for you.

Companies that personalize emails towards what they think the buyer wants will build that valuable customer/company trustful relationship. Integrate a recommendation engine to automate recommendations based on user actions and preferences.

2. Oh no! Did you forget what was in your shopping cart?

So many potential customers shop online and leave items in their cart. Don’t let those customers off so easily! Send them a reminder email about what they left behind.

3. [company] thanks you for buying [product]! Here’s some helpful info for your new buy.

As soon as the purchase goes through, let the buyer know that they have successfully bought the product. Send a confirmation email and give them additional resources about the product like links to articles about using the product or blogs about product experiences.

4. How are you enjoying [product]? [company] would love to know!

It’s important to get customer feedback on their overall experience with the product. Use this opportunity to get a first hand product review and find ways to improve the sale process.

5. [company] wishes you a happy birthday! Here is our present to you.

Milestone emails are great opportunities to increase your relationship with the customer and boost sales. When buying a product, collect this information, along with an eCard, and send out a coupon, gift card, or a small gift. BONUS: ask them to tweet their present.

Physical Location

Goal: Get the customer into my store

1. [store] is reminding you about our [holiday] special just for you!

Take advantage of seasons and holidays as a location and suggestively sell in your emails when the time is right. Some examples include Mexican restaurant take out and Cinco De Mayo or a flower boutique and Mother’s Day.

2. Hey [customer name]! Looking to try something new?

When your store changes things up and adds a few more products in the store, let your customers know! Send them a simple email full of pictures and use cases and ask them to visit.

3. A free [small product]? It’s your lucky day!

Send your customers coupons for small, affordable giveaways depending on their buying history. Add an expiration date that will give the customers a sense of urgency to stop by your store.

4. Cool! Rate your service at [store] and receive [special].

Slip an information card in with your customer’s bag or offer a special when they give you their email. Then follow up with coupons and a survey. You’ll get customer feedback and build an email database.

5. [store] is having its [event title] and you’re invited!

Many stores tend to hold these special events during the slower months. Send out a quick email promoting the event and inviting customers to come! Include details about the event, like why it’s happening and special offers at the event.

Online Tool/App

Goal: Get user to sign up/use the app

1. Hey [customer name], have you checked out [online product] yet?

Every online product wants maximum conversion. Find ways to expand your email database and send quick info about your product and how to sign up. These emails go a long way.

2. [company name] thinks that you would really enjoy [feature].

Keep your user signed up by sending them recommendations about features (current or new) on your website. This will strengthen your relationship with the user and keep them returning to the site.

3. Wow! Go [customer name]! You [explain milestone].

Try to build a base of super users and send milestone emails. Make your user feel important when they have been signed up for an entire year or their profile has gotten 100 views. Prompt them to share the milestones on social channels.

4. What has [company name] been up to for the past [time period].

Keep your users updated on the online product. Periodically send them a newsletter about the direction and changes of the product. Keeping them involved will help that user/company relationship.

5. What can [company] do for you?

Listening to your user’s feedback is key in the online industry. Send them a survey once in awhile to gather data on their overall experience with the site and ask for their ideas.

Next up: one-liners that will drastically change your blog.

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