How You Can Prepare for Twitter’s Potential Upcoming Changes

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Twitter strategy might be shifting and the implications for our personal and business experience could be profound.


If you’re in social media marketing, you probably cringe at the mention of the word EdgeRank. I know I do, because it makes me think of how frustrating it is that even the best of my brand’s Facebook content might not be seen by more than 200 or 300 of our 57,000 fans unless I spend money to promote it.

Brace yourselves, social marketers, because algorithms just like Facebook’s EdgeRank might be coming to Twitter. In this post by our friend Mark Schaeffer, you can learn about some of the reasons why Twitter is thinking about implementing this, including the pressure from investors now that Twitter has gone public.

Mark brings up some great points for both sides like the fact that, with so many active users, “an unfiltered news stream can seem overwhelming,” but one of the best things about Twitter is that it’s completely unfiltered because  it allows for news to break in real time; something we see happening more and more each day.

According to Mark – and most marketers including myself happen to agree – Twitter will ultimately end up implementing an algorithm that determines what updates you see depending on elements like trending topics and interaction history, which will make organic reach plummet which would effectively eliminate the main differentiator of Twitter from Facebook.

What can do you, then, to prepare for this change?  

The truth: I’m not sure. No one is, and that’s why we’re all talking about it. That aside, though, I can come up with a few ideas that I plan on testing out while Twitter is still the way it is.

Focus a lot of effort on building community on Twitter while you still have the ability to reach everyone equally. I think previously established relationships will pay off when the algorithm is put into place and it’s likely that Twitter will favor updates of accounts with which the user interacts on a regular basis.

Don’t lose momentum. Now more than ever, every tweet counts. Another guess of mine is that brand accounts (and potentially personal ones as well) who post on a more consistent basis will also be favored because they are more likely to garner more engagement. Figure out ways to find a constant flow of content to feed your Twitter account with and get tweeting!

Play with ads in order to start getting used to the platform. Over the years, the cost to get your content seen on Facebook has skyrocketed, and it’s currently extremely low on Twitter. I’ve been experimenting with Twitter Ads and finding that the CPC is almost half of what I spend on Facebook. Perhaps if you get in the game while you’re ahead, you won’t end up having to dig all the way down to the bottom of those pockets in a few months.

Remember, these are just guesses. That said, they all share a common theme that I truly believe will be helpful as Twitter starts changing: stay ahead of the curve!

What do you think? Will Twitter add a timeline algorithm? Will it significantly change the way we do social media marketing?


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Paul Mangiagalli
Paul Mangiagalli
9 years ago

Hi, good aticle but edge rank does not exist anymore ? It has been replaced by a more complicated machine based algorithm that has over 100k weight factors. The original factors of edge rank have evolved and the word edge rank has not been used by facebook employees for over 2 years now. Just my opnion but yhere are people still paying for various “edge rank” checking services…..

Dave Cottrell
9 years ago

In this ever evolving online world so many of us now treat as “home,” we can never stop paying attention, and lord help us if we put all our social media eggs in one basket!

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I'll be rich and happy
9 years ago

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I'll be rich and happy
I'll be rich and happy
9 years ago

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