Report: SMBs Turn to Content Curation for Increased ROI

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As the beginning of the end of 2014 approaches, marketers are likely reflecting upon the last year, the trends that have caught on, and the trends that haven’t. At this time in 2013, the digital marketing world was abuzz about content marketing and content curation. Over the last year or so, marketing experts have been debating how much importance content curation should have within a content marketing strategy.

With over 1.5 million freemium users on our platform, we decided to take a closer look at what the data says for small businesses who have been using curation over the last year. The findings were quite interesting, especially when comparing the returns of content creation vs. the returns of content curation with respect to how much investment is put into them.

In the report, we first talked with a few experts to analyze the current debate surrounding the often-questioned place of content curation within a well balanced content marketing mix. Then, we took a look at the numbers. Here’s a little preview of what we found:

To see this comparison for hours invested along with lots more data, download the full report here.

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