6 SEO Content Strategies That Still Work

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6 SEO Content Strategies That Still Work in 2015

It’s the start of a new year and that means a re-evaluation of the viability of your SEO strategy. And, all good Internet marketers know that their SEO content strategy needs to be evaluated every so often in order to retain its functionality.

There are a lot of SEO changes that have happened over the last couple months and in order to stay on top of your game, you need to be aware of what still works and what doesn’t. Your SEO strategy is usually based around a handful of reliable methods that work for you.

Let’s see if yours makes the list of SEO content strategies that are still relevant in 2015: keep reading!

1. Create Content that Engages the Audience.

Probably number one on the list of important content strategies that still work in 2015 is creating engaging content. Most of the large brands such as BMW, GE and Red Bull are doing content -based marketing where they engage their core audience through the clever use on engaging content. It’s a lot harder than simply optimizing keywords, but it’s also a lot more effective. The key in utilizing content marketing is to build on the growth of the audience while at the same time allowing for the generation of new leads that can further benefit the company. Long term marketing is what the big brands are aiming for and it’s what you should be looking at too. Cultivating a community based around good content is a winning strategy and it’s one that will benefit the company throughout the year and many years to come.

2. Stop The Press Releases, Write for the Readers.

“Engaging content” is not what anyone would use to describe a press release. More likely, it’s going to be described in terms of how drab it sounds. Press release writing, although still useful to announce periodic news or company events, is in content marketing a thing of the past as content producers realize that audiences want to be engaged. They want to be intellectually stimulated by the content they get. Content strategies that are developed with the reader in mind provide the most evocative example of this type of “good content”. Knowing your audience allows you to develop content that appeals to them while at the same time enriching their lives in some way, and that’s something that will ensure a user prefers your content to another company’s. Building loyalty comes from producing high quality content consistently. To that end, your content should adopt a style that encapsulates exactly what you’re aiming for.

Update: to follow up on Julia’s points, we created this post with actionable recommendations on how to write engaging content for both your audience and SEO.

3. Optimizing Keywords (But Not Too Much).

Keyword optimization is still very much a part of SEO strategies that are relevant. SEO optimization allows for the particular keyword or keywords that make up your selling point to be utilized in a fashion that is non-intrusive to the reader, but at the same time useful to the search engine crawlers in indexing your site properly. There is always the problem of over-optimization to consider. As you increase the density of the keywords across your content you run the risk of making your content seem as though it has been keyword stuffed – a no-no for search engines in 2015. While you should continue optimizing your keywords, you should be wary about overdoing it, since it could have serious ramifications on your page ranking.

4. Backlinks Are Still In.

Creating backlinks increases the viability of your site by making it more reliable from an SEO perspective. Pages that have a lot of backlinks tend to figure better in search engine results than those that don’t. To that end, building an SEO strategy that increases your backlink density is still a very viable option in 2015. A good way to do this would be to find blogs that are within your niche and that are looking for guest bloggers. Choosing the right blog to guest post for is important since it can lead to further leads being generated and can increase your potential audience through shared views.

5. Audit Your Content.

Let’s face it, not all your content is performing up to par and the single best way to root out the non-performers is to perform a content audit. Content auditing can be a very involved task and it might not be for the faint of heart. Luckily, there are a number of companies that offer professional content auditing services with a focus on SEO optimization. By auditing your content you pare down the bad content or remove it completely, allowing more growth for the content that already proves to be popular. Building on your strengths is admirable and in this case it helps to maintain the relevancy of your site well into 2015. A proper content audit can help you shed the dead weight keeping your site down and allow you to focus on the more important content that drives your traffic.

6. Never Underestimate the Power of a Blog.

One of the most successful methods of brand marketing out there right now is the blog. The blog’s power comes from its ability to present content in a consistent fashion to the reader while allowing the audience to interact with the company via comments and replies. This translates into a greater level of interaction with your audience and a higher level of customer loyalty. From the perspective of an SEO professional, blog entries are very easy to optimize for search engine needs and with the right keywords they can draw a lot of traffic. Investing in keyword research from a recognized professional company can go a long way towards helping your company achieve the SEO goals you set for your blog.

Keep Your Nose In The Air & Change With Change!

2015 has only just begun, but that doesn’t mean that SEO content strategies are going to keep. You need to look at what you’re doing and if it’s still viable as we progress further into the year. Will you keep the strategy that worked for you last year? Will you change the direction that you’re heading in to one that’s more profitable? What sort of goals are you setting for your strategy for 2015? You need to answer these questions before it’s too late. Your SEO success depends upon it.

Editor’s note: to follow-up on SEO content marketing strategy, check out our guide on content curation for SEO created and curated by the Scoop.it team.

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You’re absolutely right. A engaging content which has good keyword density helps in getting good rank.

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