How to find the perfect blog post title: focus on everything else!

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How to find the perfect blog post title- focus on everything else!

I find the best titles come to me AFTER I have already written a post. Sometimes you need to have a clear idea of the ‘hook’ you’re using before you can come up with a killer title – and often that hook only comes to you WHILE you are writing the post.

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Kim’s article is great: she gives you 6 easy and highly effective ways to create the perfect blog titles. And just like her, it takes me a while to find the title of my blog post: in fact I often have a title in mind but end up changing it until I publish it.


Because the title may be the last thing you should worry about when you’re writing a blog post. Not that you shouldn’t think about it and optimize it, that’s not what I said. But if you write a good blog post that adds value to your readers and is SEO-proofed, then the perfect blog post title should almost automatically be revealed to you.

If you want the perfect blog post title, you need a good blog post! So keep in mind your audience.

Try to ask yourself while you’re writing your blog post: “how is this sentence or paragraph adding value to others?”. Another one that works well too: “what would I tell my friend if I was talking about the subject”. It seems easy, but truth is the easy thing is to get lost in the writing and forget the first intent of the post.

Find the focus keywords – or how to optimize your blog post for SEO.

Now you have a content that adds value to your audience. How can you make it impacting enough for people to find it when asking themselves the question you’re answering and want to click through and read it?

You can download the Yoast plugin to help you optimize your blog post for search rankings. It’s a pretty cool tool that goes right under your blog post and allows you to set the keywords you think your audience would type in Google. Then it gives you tips to optimize the content, title, meta description and any other aspect that matter to search engines.

And if you need more help getting just the perfect blog post title, you should go back to Kim’s article to try her formula to get your blog post more clickable.

Don’t waste all these efforts: make your readers stay on your content!

Now that you’ve got this good piece of content with the perfect blog post title, your readers just might find it! So, 4 things that might  bring you easy ROI out of your efforts:

1. have them share it by always putting the sharing buttons on your blog;

2. put a newsletter form on every page of your blog so you can delight them with other high value content in the future;

3. continue bringing them added value by offering them other good articles to read on your blog;

4. put CTAs on your blog posts to convert your readers into leads (just like the one below)!


If you have more tips on how to find the perfect blog post title, feel free to share them in the comments below!

And if you’d like to see how content curation can help you improve SEO, you should read this eBook!

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Image by me (Tel Aviv, Israel).

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Enamul Hoq
8 years ago

it’s really awesome and helpful for make a better title ..thanks

Vincent Dickie
8 years ago

Appreciate the tips on headlines Julie. Curious, do you use Content Director for layout / editing your posts?

Julie Gauthier
8 years ago
Reply to  Vincent Dickie

Hi Vincent,
Content Director can totally allow you to edit your post, including the layout. Most of our clients do this and publish directly through Content Director, but I like to start like them and then edit it within WordPress to make sure the blog post is optimized for SEO, add an image in the right size for our blog, etc. Does that answer your question?

Vincent Dickie
8 years ago
Reply to  Julie Gauthier

Thanks Julie – nice answer. I noticed you always have well sized images, so that explains it. I do a lot of editing with Content Director nowadays as well.

8 years ago

Nice tips to improve traffic of blog in. These tips will really help newbies like me to increase traffic. Thanks for sharing


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