A simple guide to promote your blog in 2015

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The more time you put in, the more successful you’ll be – The results you get from your blog post promotion efforts are proportional to the time and energy that you put in.”

Read the full article at: http://bloggingwizard.com.

A few weeks back I wrote an article called “How to write good blog posts for your audience and SEO and make sure they perform” in which I laid down the steps I used to 1. write good blog posts consistently, and 2. help them perform better. Adam Connell‘s infographic for Blogging Wizard is a great visual way to respond to #2.

How to promote your blog in 2015: should you spend 80% of your time at it?

Many influencers talk about the 80/20 rule: you should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. Although I think this ratio really depends on your job, needs and company, it does capture one thing: if you write amazing content but don’t shout out your did so, no one will hear you.

And as far as promoting your blog goes, you can pick and choose on the list above the items that make most sense to your company. If for instance you work for a very technical B2B company and your target audience is above 50 years old, you might want to consider investing in LinkedIn rather than Facebook, leverage influencers and invest time in guest blogging. It all really depends on your audience, where they are and what they care about.

There is one very important point I’d like to add to this infographic: it’s not content repurposing (which I thing is one of the leanest way to do content marketing, it saves an incredible amount of time), it’s content recycling.

Promoting your blog regularly is the key.

Imagine if radio stations had played Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean only once: would it have become the 80’s biggest hit? Probably not. This is the same with your content. If you want it to be seen among others, you have to share it on a regular basis with your audience.

For that to be efficient, you have two options:

– you can either manually go into the recent blog posts or the old successful blog posts (called evergreen) and share them on a regular basis on your social media channels,

– or you can use a tool that will automate the scheduling of your social media messages in advance, identify the evergreen and most popular pieces of content so you can find them in just a few clicks.


And if you’d like to know how you can start blogging consistently in 30 minutes a day or less, read our eBook!

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Julie Gauthier
Julie was our Director of Marketing. Before joining the other side of the Force, Julie was a client of Scoop.it while managing the Marketing of another SaaS software start-up in San Francisco for 2 years (Ivalua). With a Master’s Degree in Consulting from Audencia Graduate School of Management, Julie has lived in 4 different countries and worked in Marketing and Consulting for Apple, l’Oréal, Cartier and Weave Consulting. Besides being a tech nerd tweeting about New Technologies (@JulieGTR), Julie is a pretty serious sports addict (ski, muay thai, field hockey, tennis, etc.), a traveling fanatic and a foodie (either in the privacy of her kitchen or at new trendy restaurants).
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Adam Connell
6 years ago

Hi Julie,

Could you add the relevant credit link for my infographic please? (http://www.bloggingwizard.com/blog-post-promotion-infographic/)

Cent republished it with credit from my website, Blogging Wizard.


Julie Gauthier
6 years ago
Reply to  Adam Connell

Hi Adam,
Just did so, I read the article on yourescapefrom9to5 and did not see the text before the infographic, so I thought it was an infographic that was co-created, hence my attribution to their article instead of you, the original author. I just made the changes, deepest apologies for the mistake!


Adam Connell
6 years ago
Reply to  Julie Gauthier

Hi Julie,

Thanks for updating the post – much appreciated!

No worries at all, it’s easily done 🙂

Have a great weekend!


6 years ago

Very informative and engaging. The guidelines shared in infographic was really helpful

justin Martin
6 years ago

Great Post! Really very important tips to promoting blogs. Thank you so much Julie

Cindy Murphy
Cindy Murphy
6 years ago

Very nice post! Thank you for sharing this information! I am a blogger and it’s very important for me to know new methods how to promote my blog.

Octatools Team
Octatools Team
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

Awesome post! This information really helped me find more ways to get more traffic to my blog. Glad to that you shared this information.

6 years ago

A very well put together summary and I’ve certainly taken some useful information from it

Suze | LuxuryColumnist

Rodrick Rajive Lal
Rodrick Rajive Lal
6 years ago

This is not only interesting, but also highly informative, I have a blog which I feel can benefit from the tips given by you, Julie!

Michel Gagnon
Michel Gagnon
6 years ago

Thank ‘ s for sharing…

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