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Content marketing has never been so hot. 80% of companies now create content as part of their marketing strategy.

Yet, 71% of marketers feel their content marketing is failing. That’s over 2/3 of marketers who invested time and money into content marketing and still struggle to generate results.

That’s not surprising when you have mountains of things to do and no way to know what to focus on to succeed.

And if you want to stand out in a world where 27 million pieces of content are published every day, you’re going to need to step up your game.

Now what do you have at your disposal to cut through the noise and start generating results out of your content strategy?

Several options:

  • Pay a lot of money
  • Read and implement tips from content you read
  • Leverage technology that makes it easier

Pay a lot of money: if you’re reading this post, you probably don’t have the same budget as RedBull has, and you need to be conscious about the money you spend: you can’t just hire writers or buy content, you need to find ways to save money and still publish more.

Read and implement tips from content you read: That’s a great option! If there weren’t over 9 million posts written about content marketing tips… With the overwhelming amount of content out there comes the overwhelming amount of tips, and reading, prioritizing, implementing those tips are way harder that it seems.

Technology should help make things easier

Up until now, technology has done a good job with helping marketers to manage their tasks and stay organized. Since we launched in February of last year, Content Director has helped hundreds of marketers to more efficiently manage and measure their efforts in every phase of the content marketing lifecycle to generate more traffic and leads. But even with technology to help make things easier, content remains a struggle for 71% of B2B marketers, and it’s not enough to cut through the clutter of today’s competitive, content-crowded world.

So we turned to you. Earlier this year, we surveyed over 400 marketers and interviewed dozens of clients and influencers to ask them what do you expect from technology in 2016? The answer was made quite clear for 90% of them.

The growing need for content marketing intelligence

In almost all of our interviews and in our survey, we’ve found that marketers expect more from technology than just task management or data organization. They expect technology to be smart – and make them smarter. Marketers are looking for content marketing intelligence that will help them to make better decisions and generate returns from their content investments:

“Of course I want to be as time-efficient as possible. But rather than doing it faster, it’s more about being smarter. So that the hard work that I put into content has more potential of being successful.” Bernie Borges.

“Feeding you actionable advice will become a big part of content marketing technology, by turning analytics into action.” Barry Feldman

“We need tools showing low-hanging fruit opportunities from your blog: use these related terms, collaborate with these people… or even link from these high traffic posts to these high converting posts.” Andy Crestodina


Introducing Content Director, the first intelligent content marketing automation software

The shifting need for technology to help marketers work smarter is the reason we built the new and improved Content Director.

On top of helping you manage the entire content marketing lifecycle and monitor the results, we added a layer of intelligence across our product to help you improve every step of the way and maximize your results.

Further, Content Director helps marketers save time and maximize the impact of their content. Content Director is packed with incredible features to help you:

  • Create better content. Do it faster.
  • Use predictive insights to generate more from your content investment.
  • Plan. Promote. Audit. All your content in one place.
  • Measure ROI from your content.

We will be hosting a keynote to present all the innovations and new features of Content Director next Tuesday, June 28 at 9am PST (12pm EST), but in the meantime here is a sneak peak of how content marketing automation will make you a better marketer.

Create better content. Do it faster.

Research what resonates with your audience: popular content on your keywords or keywords you should use based on actual content performance.screenshot: automating content discovery

Produce blog posts and newsletters 4-8x faster through advanced curation technology and CMS integration.


Use predictive insights to generate more from your content investment.

Be reminded what to do next with each and every post.

Get intelligent recommendations based on your content performance.

Implement them in a few clicks.

predictive insights intelligence

Plan. Promote. Audit. All your content in one place.

Let your smart calendar visualize your objectives and guide your content plan.

Publish, schedule and promote content to all your channels.

Centralize your content inventory to perform regular audits and get a much better understanding of your content assets.


Measure ROI from your content.

Take the guesswork out. Measure the performance of each and every piece of content.Post-Analytics-1

Now we don’t want to spoil all the good things, so you can learn more in the webinar replay of the keynote launch!

Want to create better content in less time? Get more results from your existing content? Find out how artificial intelligence is changing the content marketing game by providing marketers with actionable predictive insights to help them create better content that generates more traffic and leads!

Find out how to use the new Content Director to help you become a smarter marketer!

new Content Director demo CTA

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