How to use blogging as a powerful promotional tool for small businesses

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Blogging is a trendy activity in today’s marketplace. Most businesses, companies, and influencers are developing and growing their professional blogs with one purpose: business growth. A blog will often improve the expansion of brands in the marketplace. The more popular a blog becomes the better awareness will the business receive.

Perceive your own business like a powerful mechanism that can satisfy a specific target audience. However, before your products or services get to satisfy anyone’s needs or solve anyone’s problems, you –the brain of the company – has to supply a consistent flow of interested customers.

How do you do that? Well, you can run a blog and deliver massive amounts of traffic to your business offer. Thousands of people will hear about your brand’s name, and that’s only because they’ve been tempted to arrive to and consume one of your blog posts. In fact, here’s a list of benefits that blogging shall bring to your business performance:

  • More traffic towards your business website through SEO channels.
  • Blog posts’ call-to-actions (CTAs) generate new leads and potential sales.
  • Improves your authority in the field because of the quality content you share.
  • A great feedback machine (ask visitors at the end of posts to share insights).
  • Your business can become viral because one blog post becomes viral.

There are much more benefits involved, though this isn’t our main topic for today. In today’s post, we’re going to share some guidance on how to leverage your blog to promote your business in best possible ways. Remember:

The more successful your blog becomes the better business performance you’ll get. Therefore, you must focus on the specifics of blogging up until you master them. Once you get the basic notions, you can start exploring different angles of promotion. Let’s get started:

1. Post exceptional content


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The purpose of a blog is to capture the internet user’s attention and make him “stop by” for a lecture. The blog posts that you craft (or someone else does) must be impeccable. No grammar, spelling, or structure mistakes.

Moreover, the ideas, strategies, tips, solutions, or advice that you share through your content must be relevant to your target audience. Focus your content management only on those people who are likely to buy from you.

2. Share your business blog’s content on social media

Jane Johnson, the Marketing Manager at Aussie writings, comes with some straightforward questions that all of us, small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs must answer:

Social media is super powerful today. And this applies especially to businesses. Let me ask you something: Where are your customers hanging around? How are they spending their time? Where can you find them? And most importantly, how can you attract them towards your business?”

Answered already? Well, I’d say that social media channels are the answer. As you can notice around you, almost everyone uses at least one social media channels. Most people use Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat should not be exploited.

Considering that your content is helpful to the reader and is extremely qualitative, individuals that had the pleasure to get in touch with your content are likely to share it on their social platforms.

They’ll want more people to read quality stuff, so your business name will show up every time someone overly enjoys your content! That leads to a lot of brand awareness, and a lot of potential direct sales.

3. Take advantage of guest posting opportunities


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In order to extend your blog’s reach, you can start contributing to other blogs in your niche with relevant content for their target audiences. The main idea here is to create a list of indirect competition blogs that you will approach in the nearest future. Write free articles for them in exchange for a backlink to your blog or business website.

For example, if you own a business that sells baby products but only focuses on toys, you can approach a blog that talks about pregnancy tips in general, a blog that focuses on newborns, and one that focuses on toddlers only. Each of these audiences has a good potential for your toys business.

Most blogs will have submission guidelines that you must follow in order for your post to be approved and eventually published. Now think of this: the bigger your blog post contribution the faster your blog’s database of loyal followers will grow. Blog growth equals business growth, so it’s all up to you!

4. Encourage feedback for your products or services

Using your blog, you can collect powerful feedback for your products and services. After all, people that read what you write on a daily basis are most likely to have bought your products already.

At the end of your blog posts, encourage your readers to share their opinion about several aspects:

  • The quality of the content – Could it get better? What would they need more? What aspects do they want you to cover? Are there any aspects that need to be removed?
  • The quality of your products/services – Ask for an overall feedback of your products; PROs, CON’s, and suggestions.

5. Use your blog to connect with fans and other bloggers 


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Lastly, you can leverage your blog to connect with people that have a passion for the subject you’re writing for and not only. As already mentioned, your customers are also ready to be reached.

What’s the purpose of connecting with your fans? Well, first of all, you’re building valuable long-term relationships that might serve you very well in the future. You can gain a lot of insights and new perspectives for your business, and you can also make friends.

You can also connect with other bloggers in your niche (and not only). Create rapport with different small-business owners or blog owners that do their job right. From there, you can exchange links, interlink your businesses and blogs, and much, much more.


A business blog is always a valuable asset to own. Pay attention though, as blogging isn’t an activity that can be disrespected. You need to be consistent with your promise to your readers: valuable content on a consistent basis. If you cease to be consistent, your blog visitors and product buyers are likely to get disappointed. Keep it going no matter what.


And if you’d like to know how you can start blogging consistently in 30 minutes a day or less, read our eBook!

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