Five automated tools to make your business more effective

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Since being introduced decades ago, automation has become a staple in the manufacturing industries as well as marketing.

With the advancement of recent technologies, that same tool can now be applied to more menial tasks. Through AI, office tasks can be automated now along with manufacturing and retail jobs.

Many believe this turn to the future to be the answer to most of the woes of the working world. Some are concerned about the implications of the technology but most look forward to it. The growth pattern of automation is steady and soon enough all businesses will have automation integrated into their models.

For those business owners out there it can be difficult to know just how to add automation functionality to their businesses.

Luckily, great strides have been made and the uses of automation are now seemingly limitless and exceptional. The goal of automation should always be about making work simpler and less manual. Here are some tips to help you choose which automation tools to use for your business.


It is a service dedicated to automating your social media needs and keeping your brand relevant through curation. Social media can be one of the most laborious tasks for any business and in small businesses. It is especially difficult as the owner usually doesn’t have the time to manage it themselves. It can manage social media campaigns and track followers and mentions of your business.

It can be a valuable service for those without the time, patience or money to hire a social media manager. Many users love the service as a can help grow your brand’s awareness.

2. HubSpot

This service utilizes automation to create comprehensive marketing research plans and uses the information to help generate leads. Used by businesses of all kinds and sizes, HubSpot has become a staple tool for many business owners. It generates global inbound marketing to help businesses grow and gain exposure far and wide.

3. Yodle

Yodle is an automation service that uses your local market data to place you, in the most effective ways possible, in your local economy. Since it is a service focused on local markets it can help push your brand into print and other venues around your town. Its goal is to help small businesses become more impactful in their communities and grow locally.

4. Slack

In business one of the most difficult things can be communication. With Slack, much of that difficulty is removed due to the ease of use and instant access that Slack provides. It is fast becoming the premier alternative to email and allows employees to be in constant communication without mix-ups or delays.

Slack uses automation to remind employees of meetings and tasks that otherwise would be forgotten. For many businesses, it has become an invaluable resource that could not be lived without.

5. Zapier

Some of the more tedious tasks in business environments can be migrating attachments and creating spreadsheets. Automatically filling contact sheets and creating layered email protocols is simple with Zapier.

For those that wish to have a more complex filing system without all of the tedium and menial clicking around, Zapier can fulfill those needs via automation by using if-then statements, similar to logic found in Python programming.

It is one of the automated tools that creates a more simplistic work environment and reduces the manual load on talented employees that could be doing something else more productive. Zapier is about utilizing employees and automation to their highest and purest forms.


Ultimately automation is about making business more productive and freeing up employees to do their jobs. it’s about reducing the burden on small business owners without sacrificing the growth of a round-the-clock care.

The advancements made in automation have proven to be solely beneficial and can assist in creating a more meaningful work environment. Automation will take over businesses, at least in some way, soon and it is important to be at the forefront of the technological revolution.


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