How Content Curation Can Boost Your Gen Z Marketing Strategy

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How Content Curation Can Boost Your Gen Z Marketing Strategy

Whereas marketers once lived and died by Millennial content consumption, a new challenger has entered the field. As Gen Z emerges into adulthood, we’re seeing businesses devote more time and resources toward catering to this younger demographic. 

But marketing to Gen Z is proving a lot different than marketing to their millennial counterparts. They have different sensibilities and preferences. They were the first generation to completely grow up with the internet and smartphone tech. Because of that, they have a unique way of looking at the world, bringing that perspective to the table when deciding which companies to do business with.

But despite the differences between Millennials and Gen Z, one thing that hasn’t changed is the effectiveness of digital content marketing. Of course, content geared to Gen Z will differ from content created for Millennials. That’s why content curation, reposting content from others, can be incredibly effective. 

But in order to succeed with content curation for Gen Z, you need to first understand that Gen Z is a large and highly diverse group. A singular content curation strategy won’t be enough. You need to invest time into segmenting your Gen Z audience and appealing to them piece by piece. 

For example, if you’re selling online medications, you must appeal to many different audience segments. The desire to get in shape is a widespread goal, and you’ll need to curate content hyping this topic for different groups. 

Segmenting the audience based on the product being sold and sharing content aimed at a specific target audience is one of many methods you can use to increase sales. In this article, we’ll give you a full breakdown of how you can successfully curate content for a growing Gen Z audience. 

Understanding Gen Z

Characteristics of Gen Z

Gen Z, also known by some as Zoomers, is the generation between the late 90s and the early 2010s. They were born into an era of technology and have never known a time when the internet wasn’t dominating daily life. 

Because of this, members of Gen Z are tech-savvy. They embrace new and emerging internet trends and are very on top of social issues. Zoomers care deeply about these issues and expect the companies they do business with to share those views. 

A chart showcasing the various generations

Gen Z is also less likely to go with the status quo or allow businesses to get away with any kind of predatory practices. They’re likely to boycott a business following any type of scandal.  

Gen Z’s preferences for content consumption

Gen Z consumers prefer short-term video content. That’s why platforms like TikTok and Snapchat are so popular with them. They’ll typically avoid platforms that aren’t user-friendly, expecting a frictionless experience and fast speeds. 

In today’s digital age, creating visually appealing and engaging content is crucial to attracting and retaining the attention of Gen Z audiences. However, creating custom infographics and visuals for each piece of content can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. That’s where design templates come in.

By utilizing design templates, marketers can quickly and easily create professional-looking graphics and visuals that align with their brand’s aesthetic to accompany the content shared in their curation strategy.

Creating well-rounded profiles of your GenZ customers using a customer data platform will give you accurate insights into what they like/dislike and the content they engage best with. Once you know that, it’s simple to embark on your content curation strategy. 

How Gen Z interacts with brands and advertising

When deciding which brands and ads to interact with, Gen Z takes a far different approach than previous generations. Instead of focusing primarily on price, Gen Z will research the company to determine its stance on important social issues of the day. 

They’ll examine the brand’s history, including how it treats its workers. They’ll also primarily interact with brands in digital arenas like social media platforms. They like brands that don’t choose one specific gender to market to. They enjoy inclusivity and positive messaging with a nod toward social justice and diversity. 

When it comes to ads, they prefer short video ads that get right to the point. 

Benefits of Content Curation for Gen Z Marketing Strategy

Building trust and credibility with Gen Z

Gathering and sharing outside content that appeals to Gen Z will cultivate credibility and trust with them. For example, sharing content celebrating the LGBT community during Pride month or celebrating the achievements of black heroes throughout history can do a lot to garner respect and, ultimately, the attention of Gen Z shoppers. 

They don’t want any kind of gray area. They want transparency and to know exactly where you stand on social issues. 

Increased engagement with Gen Z

When you share content that resonates with Zoomers, ask for opinions and try to begin a conversation. Gen Z’ers love ‌spirited and respectful discussions. Listen to their thoughts, offer some of your own, and you’ll see them engaging with you over time. Great way to increase engagement is to create animated videos that convey your ideas into engaging animations.

Saving time and resources in content creation

Cultivating content for Gen Z can save you a lot in terms of time and resources. Instead of focusing on creating content 100% of the time, you can use content generated by others to showcase your business values and morals while engaging with the audience. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t create your own content. You can’t rely solely on content curation to build a brand identity. Thankfully, marketing automation software platforms can help organize these tasks and take some of the burdens off admin work. That means you’ll have more time to produce quality content that fits the outside content you’re curating. 

Best Practices for Content Curation for Gen Z Marketing Strategy

Curating diverse and inclusive content

When you curate content for Gen Z, you must ensure you’re showcasing diverse and inclusive voices. 

The Gen Z generation operates more like global citizens. They’ve only ever known a fully connected world and appreciate voices from everywhere. 

Through content curation, businesses seeking international talent can benefit from this mindset and work inside their marketing departments. Zoomers will then become aware that your company communicates in the same language as many others worldwide and upholds the same principles when sharing information on remote work trends, global payroll processing, and living abroad styles. 

If your organization‌ upholds these ideals, not only would Zoomers be more drawn to your content, but you might also recruit devoted workers from around the world. 

Incorporating user-generated content

When you curate content for Gen Z, it shouldn’t be all corporate voices. Share content created by regular social media users that celebrate causes near and dear to the hearts of Gen Z. 

Statistics on User-Generated Content

(Image Source)

Find triumphant and inspiring stories to put forth in an effort to showcase your business’s values while also championing a feel-good tale. 

Using social media as a curation tool

Social media platforms can be powerful curation tools. It’s one of the easiest places to share curated content and, if optimized correctly with hashtags, has a great chance of being seen by the targeted Gen Z audience.  

For example, online doctor services have gained popularity in recent years, particularly among younger generations who prioritize convenience and accessibility in healthcare. 

By curating content related to online doctor services on social media, you can tap into this trend and position your brand as a trusted resource for healthcare information. 

Just ensure that the content you’re sharing has accurate information and comes from an online doctor business that shares the values and morals you’re showcasing. 

Finding a balance between curated and original content

Curated content is highly effective when marketing to Gen Z, but you must continue sharing original content as well. While curated content showcases your values, original content shows your expertise, which is also needed to drum up business. It’s also essential for your SEO efforts.

Content curation and SEO are essential components of a successful Gen Z marketing strategy. For example, with most Gen Z’ers starting their home-buying journey online, real estate agencies must prioritize SEO to ensure their websites and listings appear at the top of relevant search results. 

By curating relevant content from various sources, real estate agents can position themselves as industry thought leaders and establish trust with potential buyers while also taking steps to improve search rankings through optimized copy. 

A real estate SEO expert can help ensure that curated and original content works together to appeal to audiences while making the agency’s website easy to find. 

Examples of Successful Content Curation for Gen Z Marketing Strategy


In the example pictured below, Starbucks shares a short-form video created by an Instagram user that’s set to music and shares a relatable scenario. 

Starbucks UGC Instagram

(Image Source)

While the 2008 time tag may not resonate with Zoomers, the kind of content being shared aligns with their preferences. By sharing real content made by real people, Starbucks can entertain Gen Z and encourage engagement on its posts. 


Below is an Instagram post from Funko that shows an influencer unboxing some of its products. 

Funko UGC Instagram

(Image Source)

This is a perfect example of user-generated content that’s curated to perfection. This influencer can generate trust through his audience while showcasing Funko’s products in a non-sales way. 


The Gen Z market is only getting bigger, and curated content is one of the best ways to reach them. Through curated content, you can make a loud and proud statement about the values of your business while also showcasing user-generated content that hypes your services without salesy messaging. 

By following the information in this guide, you can reach Gen Z and capitalize on their growing demographic. 

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