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For the past few months, the team here at has been focusing on “taking curation beyond the platform,” our own little bit of rebellion against computer-only or anti-mobile curation tools and platforms. We launched a fantastic re-design of our iPhone application, integrated with MailChimp to easily take your curation to the world of email, and some other great stuff too.

To cap the first quarter of 2013 off, we’d like to announce the release of our newest offering:, an interest graph-based reading application for the iPad featuring the amazing work of the curator community.

I’m sure some of you are wondering “Why a reading application?” We chose this first step onto the iPad platform for several reasons — namely because of the unique nature and value-add of the community. The community is an amazing group of experts and professionals with unprecedented scale; their content reaches millions of people via hundreds of thousands of topics.

Additionally, users are not just aggregating content. Their content is hand-selected and organized by interest; is the first interest-centric curation community.

The iPad and iPad users are an ideal platform and audience to reach with the community’s unique interest-centric content structure. Up to now, no news or reading app allowed readers to drill down on the interests that matter most to them. allows iPad users to discover awesome content that precisely matches their true interests and passions as defined by the interest graph and is supported by the incredible curation community.

Features include:

  • Beautiful, swipeable interface featuring natural gesture integration: easily wander through the interface to find the best content for you.

  • Interest-based content streams fed by the community of subject-matter pros: follow the topics and ideas that matter to you instead of people. Get the most relevant content to the areas you are passionate about.

  • Customizable interests and saveable searches: create the interests you care most about and save these interests after you’ve searched for them.

  • Social sharing functionality: feed your social media presence as you read! Bonus: if you have a account, you can sync your “followed topics” by logging in.

The app was also recently featured by Apple in the App Store as one of the best apps in the “Social Networking” category, which is essentially a modern day equivalent of “Look Mom, I’m on TV!” We’re incredibly humbled and grateful to have been selected.

Lastly, some great news for you, the curators! We’ve decided to feature curators in the default topics on, which means every new user of the app could see your curation. Because the community of curators is what powers, we want to give back and say thank you for the amazing work you do. We think the best way to do that is to help you shine on the web and express yourself to an entirely new, untapped audience.

We are currently hand-selecting the featured users — so do your best curating, let us know about it, and then you could end up being featured too! Feel free to reach out to me ( or Ally ( about being featured.

We are very excited to announce this next step forward in taking curation “beyond the platform” and as always, are incredibly open to hearing your thoughts, opinions, and feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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