Announcing our newest offering —!


For the past few months, the team here at has been focusing on “taking curation beyond the platform,” our own little bit of rebellion against computer-only or anti-mobile curation tools and platforms. We launched a fantastic re-design of our iPhone application, integrated with MailChimp to easily take your curation to the world of email, and some other great stuff too.

To cap the first quarter of 2013 off, we’d like to announce the release of our newest offering:, an interest graph-based reading application for the iPad featuring the amazing work of the curator community.

I’m sure some of you are wondering “Why a reading application?” We chose this first step onto the iPad platform for several reasons — namely because of the unique nature and value-add of the community. The community is an amazing group of experts and professionals with unprecedented scale; their content reaches millions of people via hundreds of thousands of topics.

Additionally, users are not just aggregating content. Their content is hand-selected and organized by interest; is the first interest-centric curation community.

The iPad and iPad users are an ideal platform and audience to reach with the community’s unique interest-centric content structure. Up to now, no news or reading app allowed readers to drill down on the interests that matter most to them. allows iPad users to discover awesome content that precisely matches their true interests and passions as defined by the interest graph and is supported by the incredible curation community.

Features include:

  • Beautiful, swipeable interface featuring natural gesture integration: easily wander through the interface to find the best content for you.

  • Interest-based content streams fed by the community of subject-matter pros: follow the topics and ideas that matter to you instead of people. Get the most relevant content to the areas you are passionate about.

  • Customizable interests and saveable searches: create the interests you care most about and save these interests after you’ve searched for them.

  • Social sharing functionality: feed your social media presence as you read! Bonus: if you have a account, you can sync your “followed topics” by logging in.

The app was also recently featured by Apple in the App Store as one of the best apps in the “Social Networking” category, which is essentially a modern day equivalent of “Look Mom, I’m on TV!” We’re incredibly humbled and grateful to have been selected.

Lastly, some great news for you, the curators! We’ve decided to feature curators in the default topics on, which means every new user of the app could see your curation. Because the community of curators is what powers, we want to give back and say thank you for the amazing work you do. We think the best way to do that is to help you shine on the web and express yourself to an entirely new, untapped audience.

We are currently hand-selecting the featured users — so do your best curating, let us know about it, and then you could end up being featured too! Feel free to reach out to me ( or Ally ( about being featured.

We are very excited to announce this next step forward in taking curation “beyond the platform” and as always, are incredibly open to hearing your thoughts, opinions, and feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments!

  • craig daniels

    This is great news… There are some great curators on and I’m sure the app users will easily make reading the Scooped info a habit they can’t break….

  • Jason Darrell

    It’s a game changer, for sure.

    My question would be: How are the powers that be differentiating between curators who just copy and paste a snippet as their ‘insight’ and those who genuinely adapt the source material to their niche, add value and enhance the ‘curator’ profile?

    As much as I think curation is a brilliant way of bringing news from your niche to your audience in your own way, I’ve seen far too many insights from curators that add little or nothing to the original article.

    My fear is that this will only lead to the media at large writing the curation sector off as a bunch of spammers and intellectual property (if not copywrite/copyright/plagiaristic) thieves.

    What measures are taking to ensure the curators they feature won’t be infringing some law, some place?

    • Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain

      I agree. Most of the’s I follow don’t include any commentary – which makes curation little more than another form of Pinterest. Look for those that show the curator has actually critically read the article!

    • mariapersson

      Academic integrity needs to be taught and valued. Good question and not so easy to answer. I love how you can at least add a # tag with tweets to acknowledge the source.

  • Rafael Scapin

    How about an Android version?

    • Jason Darrell

      I’m sure I could use an Android app, too, Rafael.

      That is, if I can ever figure out how to use my tablet.

      It took me a while to get into computers – it’s going to take me equally as long to adapt that to tablets, I’m afraid.

      They just don’t make sense to me. If, however, more apps behooved like programs, then I’m sure integration would be smoother.

      But, yes – with the growth of Android, manufacturers must start getting used to launching apps for both platforms simultaneously or else fear alienating the sector they choose to demote to also-ran.

    • Pallas Dame

      I started as an Iphone user, went to Microsoft Phones, then dove into Android… So now, I’m all (high end) android myself. I have started using ScoopIt online and try to create all my web stuff compatible for any phone or browser..but hey, Apple is a good place to start but the high end Android products are kicking major a$$ now. Would be great to have this app be created to capture a broader online audience…

  • Charles Patrick O’Brien

    I don’t use “Apps” as I use my home computer,and even at that struggle to work it sometimes.Still I do enjoy reading “”

  • MCatherine


  • Virginia Gordon

    Congrats. I absolutely love Scooping with you. Effortless, elegant, efficient. To your growing success. Love you also reach out to your users through e,ail and make us feel a real part of your community.

  • Vittorio Canavese

    I hope comes soon an Android version.

  • Michael Searles

    History making move!


  • Giovanni Benavides

    it would be nice if coop it was available for blogs to distribute.

    • Guillaume Decugis

      How abopput installing opthe button on your blog then? Or where you thinking of something different? Let us know. Thanks!

      • Giovanni Benavides

        I went to your apps action and saw the different buttons you have available. Became a pro subscriber and went a little crazy, tweeter send me a message telling me I had exceeded the hourly number, who knew they had an hourly quota! Love creating a magazine but it’s too bad you will be limiting the monthly number a la twitter with a quota!

        • Guillaume Decugis

          Hi Giovanni – Not sure I understand as we actually don’t have a quota on you can scoop as much as you want! :-) Can you give us some details? Did you get hit by a limit from Twitter or was it a bug on our end? Happy to help and sort this out.

          • Giovanni Benavides

            The mailings of news letters to once a month. I believe now there is no limits to how often they ca be mailed. thanks. One more thing can you guys post a how to video on how to install the scoopit button on the iPhone bookmark bar, ideally don’t know we’re to place the HTML code provided in the instructions, I saw a video for this step on an Android.

          • Guillaume Decugis

            On the newsletters, it’s been unlimited since the beginning as a special launch offer that we’ve just extended today (see why: Following that, we’ll make sure to offer something that makes business sense. Regarding the bookmarklet on iPhone, we display all the instruction if you visit directly from your iPhone.

  • Maroc Actu

    Great news !! i m waiting the android app

  • Philippe

    Nice app. Just strange not to have the ability to curate right from this app, even more when the curate bookmark et has some bugs on iPad.

  • dia sarkar

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  • Philippe Courcier


    I just tried Read.It, it’s a nice app.

    I only have two suggestions about it, as a (little) curator and user :

    1°) I couldn’t find a way to “re-scoop” interesting news to my own topics. If there was a “re-scoop” button in the Read.It screen , I could keep the link with the original scoop (a social fair use…), instead of opening Safari, then using the “Scoop.It” script, then setting and sending my own (same) scoop… it appears so, so loooooooooong !
    2°) I could sometimes curate for more than 1500 users at my work : a (very) few of them could use an iPad, but they ALL have a PC with a web browser… A web access (or a windows app ?) to Read.It would be very useful.
    Kind regards.
    Ph. Courcier.

    • Guillaume Decugis

      Thanks for the feedback Philippe: glad you like!

      On #1, don’t worry: we’re not with this iPad platform ;-) So expect to hear from us again on that.

      On #2, I’m curious why you don’t encourage them to sign up to on the Web to follow your topics? They’d get all you scoops from their dashboard once logged in.