Launching for Google+: authorship and posting to Google+ Company pages

While some debate whether Google+ is a ghost town or not, the search giant’s social network quietly passed the 1 Billion user mark. That’s right: 1 Billion people have a Google+ account which is 2x Twitter’s user base and only 15% less than Facebook’s. Perhaps more importantly, the +1 button is pressed more than 5 million times a day and 340 million of its users are active.

Scoopiteers didn’t need to wait for those metrics to be public to demand that we add Google+ to the’s sharing options: as our platform is a hub to discover, curate and share content to feed your online channels, it’s natural to offer as many distribution options as possible. So today, after integrating  with Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn profiles, groups and pages, Twitter and many other social platform such as WordPress or Tumblr, we’re excited to launch our integration with Google+ with 2 new features:

  • Adding Google+ Company pages as a sharing option to

  • Adding Google+ authorship to your profile

While the +1 button will still be present on previously published scoops to let you or your readers share to Google+ profiles, this new feature allows you to connect your Google+ account to to make your Google+ Company page a sharing option for any of your scoops – in a similar way to your existing sharing options. As we’ve seen with Facebook or LinkedIn pages, we trust that this will make it much easier to feed your Google+ pages with meaningful and engaging content and develop your audience on Google+ in the process.

At, we actually believe curation is a form of creation. So just as Google introduced Google Authorship as a way for publishers to be more visible in search results and benefit from a natural SEO method, we felt it was also important to add Google+ to the platform. So from now on, you will be able to link your Google+ profile to and not only be recognized in search results for your curated content but derive higher traffic from Google Search through the improved visibility authored results enjoy.

 How does it work?

Set up your Google+ page as a sharing option

To activate Google+ as a sharing option, simply go to your settings on (by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner) and then select the “Sharing Options” tab:

By clicking on “Other Social Media”, you will now see this:

Simply click on “Connect” next to Google+ page and accept the following dialogues from Google (note: you will be asked to choose which Google account you’d like to use if you have several: in that case, make sure to use the one your Google+ page is connected to).

Once you’ve clicked on “Accept”, you will be redirected to and will see this:

You’re now good to go: every time you’ll scoop something, you’ll now see your Google+ page as a sharing option and will be able to share it in just one click:

Pro Tip: remember that the Pro plan gives you the ability to connect as many social accounts as you want. This will come in handy and be a great way to save time if you already publish to a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Set up Google Authorship

 First, set up authorship on Google+ at Under “contributor to”, click on “Add custom link” and enter “” as the URL and then click “Save”:

Once this is done, go to your settings on (once again by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner):

and simply add your Google+ url. It should look like this:

That’s it! You’re now all set and will see the results once the Google index is updated (typically from a few hours to a few days).

We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to try out these new options. More importantly, we trust they will bring more visibility to your curated content through social engagement on Google+ and SEO for your work as an awesome content curator. Tell us what you think in the comments and don’t hesitate to share your stories with us as you try out these new features.

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About the Author

Guillaume Decugis
Co-Founder & CEO @Scoopit. Entrepreneur (Musiwave, Goojet). Engineer-turned-marketer. Skier. Rock singer.
  • Raj Nadar

    Is it just me or is the connect g+ not working yet?

    • Guillaume Decugis

      It should be working. What happens when you try to use it?

      • Raj Nadar

        attached.. just so you know, you can think of me as technically dumb 🙂 I wanted it to be here so it’s helpful to kindred souls as well.. you know I’m a fan!

        • Guillaume Decugis

          This means that you don’t manage any Google+ page from the Google account you’re currently logged in with. If you’re managing a Google+ page from a different account! you should either make that Google account an admin of that page or sign out of a Google and sign in again with that account.

          • Raj Nadar

            correct I do not mange Google+ company page.. sorry about the trouble

          • Guillaume Decugis

            No worries Raj. Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.

          • Raj Nadar

            Thank you.. much appreciated.. rocks!

  • Pascalf49

    Thanks 🙂 Very nice news, especially for the authorship.
    Can we hope to one day have shared on Google+ profiles ?

    • Guillaume Decugis

      We hope too! As a matter of fact this is not dependent on us but on Google: they haven’t opened heir API to profiles yet. We keep asking them to of that and encourage you to do so as well!

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  • Joseph Montes

    Awesome !!!!! Totally pumped 🙂

  • Neil Ferree

    This new feature/function set seems like a natural way to bring more social engagements to ones Google+ Brand page and enhance ones social authority and authorship without having to jump through all sorts of technical hurdles in the process. Well done Guillaume



  • Valérie Thuillier

    oh Thanks ! enfin !

  • Randy Hilarski

    Thank you team! I love this new dimension to! Those of us who primarily use Google Plus will welcome this capability. Thank you for also incorporating Google Authorship!

    • Joseph Montes


  • Treathyl FOX

    +GuillaumeDecugis – Dude! You lived in Paris? I am so jealous! Great move, marrying Google+ to May they live happily ever after! 🙂

  • Tani

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  • Sat

    It does not work for me..
    I have connect successfully my GG+ page but no update

    • Sat

      Sorry,it’s working now.
      We must share this manually.
      I was expecting an automatic sharing

  • The *Official AndreasCY*

    This is super! Thank you so much!

  • Shaun Ling

    Nice one!

  • onnodevries

    Great new feature! Question: does the Google Authorship works with custom domains too? And do I have to add that specific custom domain to the ‘Contributor to..’-section in Google+ instead or just

  • doobie420

    Good news !

  • Steve Whitmore

    Is there a connection to Google + Communities.

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