Content Used to Be King. Now It’s the Joker. 

Why I’ve decided to stop taking “content” gigs and other journalists should, too.


Anyone who’s been tempted to outsource their own thought leadership should read this.

You just can’t ghost write your way into being a thought leader.

Of course, one of the limitation of content marketing is time: good content takes time to create.

So where does it leave busy CEOs who don’t have time to write?

Well, since they all take the time to read, they’ve done the hard work for content curation already. By selecting the best pieces they see every day or every week and adding their visionary comment to it, they’ll start showing thought leadership much more efficiently. And perhaps more important: in a much more genuine way.

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    The original article is great, sadly showing just how few articles are actually informative and not just there for views.

  • WindyCityParrot

    show me something I haven’t seen or read by 11:00 am


    thank you Guillaume Decugis.

  • Emily Beckett

    This is all so sad :( The word “content” itself is humiliative. Like it is something that fills empty space, not valuable by itself, but created to be a filler.

  • Terrestria

    So, then, who is writing the original, quality articles that are getting curated? Clearly those who curate aren’t doing the creation if they’re too busy to write. Sounds like a snake eating its own tail.