10 Scoop.it Hacks You Might Have Been Overlooking

Building a product is fun. Building a dynamic platform is even more fun. Did you know that Scoop.it has the best engineering team in the entire world, and that they put out a new release of the platform almost every week?

In each of these releases, there are little new features and hacks that aren’t always announced. Some are data-backed and meant to help our team figure out what works and what doesn’t within the platform, but others are little gifts to you, the curators, and I’ve compiled a few so that you can all get up to date on what you might have been missing.

1. Select text of an article in your browser to have that specific text appear as the excerpt in your scoop.

2. Add the RSS feed website you’ve recently scooped from to your suggestion engine directly from the bookmarklet.

3. SlideShare presentations, YouTube videos, Storify stories and other types of content are automatically embedded into scoops.

4. You can get leads & email addresses directly from your topic page.

5. You can export your leads directly to MailChimp for prime nurturing opportunities.

6. Search within a topic using the filter icon.

7. Suggest relevant scoops to other topics to build community.

Pro tip: you can use this feature to promote your content to relevant curators!

8. Change the layout of your page to showcase your personal or business profile and other curated topics.

9. If you’re unsure about where to find relevant quality content, let us know what your topic is and we can find content sources for you.

10. Share links directly back to original content to eliminate the second click for your social media followers.

What did I miss? Leave your Scoop.it pro tips in the comments.

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Ally Greer
Ally is Scoop.it's Director of Content & Community. She loves to geek out over anything social, Internet, or tech related. When she isn't working, you'll probably find her running the streets of San Francisco. Follow Ally on Twitter @allygreer.

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the pop out lead generation form was great – built it for all my topics. But now its dissappeared – nothing on any topic and not available in the edit menu. There goes a day wasted in building and linking the forms to Mailchimp. Contacted support but no replies….

Guillaume Decugis

It’s still here Steve so not sure what happened. I checked support and we replied that we’re investigating right after we received your ticket. As this is working for all other users, it is probably a specific configuration issue – maybe your template’s CSS. Did you change it recently? Because it’s specific we need a bit more time so bear with us. Thanks.


thanks for the answer Guillaume – didn’t see anything from support…
if you haven’t changed it then indeed there must be something in my css.

Will check there – what was confusing to me was I haven(t modified any css for several day then yesterday it just disappeared. I looked at the plan pricing page and saw “lead generation” is under the Marketers Plan not the Business.

Maybe it was always there, but I presumed you had moved the feature up to the next plan level.

appreciate the reply & will look at css.


sorry – not trying to turn this into the support forum – but having looked at css don’t see anything. But the ability to add a lead generation form has gone from the menu in my admin. I’ve checked in topics that I have done no customization, and where previously there was a “more” dropdown allowing acces for creation of the form, it doesn’t exist anymore. Will send this to support.


Guillaume Decugis

Ok. Thanks a lot for the precision and for having checked. Yes, it will help them investigate.

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