Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers

Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers

It is possible to build daily habits that guarantee to give you higher ranking and greater marketing success.

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www.searchenginejournal.comIn his article,
Neil Patel lists 5 daily habits you can (and should) start doing if you want your rankings to go up and get more results out of your content marketing efforts:1. Write and publish one article – 1 hour per day for 1 to 2 articles per week.2. Update one old article – 10 min per day.3. Post a link to an article on every social media platform – 5 min per day.4. Interact on one forum – 10 min per day.5. Reply to one Tweet, Google+ update, Facebook post, and LinkedIn discussion, etc. – 10 min per day.He explains exactly why you should get these 5 habits to ensure you greater results in your content marketing strategy and then gives you practical insights on how to master those habits.This list is great and I try my best to spend about an hour doing them every day, simply because they do work. Given our experience, I’d like to talk about a sixth practice that has had a real impact on our content marketing ROI, and that I’m sure Neil would like. It’s content curation. Let me know Neil! 

6. Curate an article

Time required: 20 minutes. For one blog post. For real.20 minutes a day would give you one article a day. Not too shabby heh?You don’t have to do it every day, but since it takes in average 4 hours to write a full article (in our analysis that’s the average we’ve observed even though I’m sure some people can write much faster), if I spend an hour a day writing an article from scratch and the last 3x 20 minutes I have in the week to curate 3 blog posts, that means I can publish 4 articles per week.Of course, just like writing, it’s not going to take you 20 minutes right away or every time. But practice makes perfect. 

The benefits of content curation

– it
keeps you posted on what is being published on your domain by experts, magazines, competitors, etc. You know what your audience likes to read (given the number of shares of the articles) and you can curate accordingly to answer questions your audience is asking.- it allows you to
interact with the actors in your domain. Just like Neil Patel explains in his point #3 to interact with others. And it’s what I’m doing right now! I hope that curating his article and letting him know that I wrote it by commenting his blog post will engage us in a first connection that could grow with time. Who knows, maybe he’ll even publish a guest post for us one day!- it makes your
google rankings go up
Bruce Clay proved it in a study to calculate the validity of claims that content curation was bad for SEO. He conducted an 
experiment with the objective of learning whether curated content was able to reach the same SEO rankings as original content. Here are the results:
bruce clay experiment curation vs duplicate– it’s a great way to
publish more content, especially if you find yourself buried in marketing tasks and don’t have enough time to write a complete blog article every week. And since “businesses with websites of 401-1000 pages get 6x more leads than those with 51-100 pages” (Hubspot report), publishing more content is important.
Almost as important as publishing good content.As 
Jason Miller, Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, puts it, “content curation not only alleviates the pressure of having to devote valuable time to creating original content, but it also adds credibility and third party validations to your efforts.” 

How to start curating today

If you don’t have a curation tool, it may take a while to find the appropriate content to curate.Fortunately for you there are very good free tools that allow you to automate the content discovery part to find for you content that fit exactly your needs.Not just an RSS feed that gives you all the articles a company blog publishes. Rather, a powerful search engine that will narrow down your search within the blogs you like to the keywords you’ve set (long tail is always more efficient, for obvious reasons). Those tools also allow you to link your social media channels and schedule your messages for you:
example scoopit of an article and curationAnd of course, if you want to step up your game, you can upgrade your tool to get a more complete platform, allowing you to:- integrate with your blog,- set publishing goals for your blog and your social media channels,- schedule all of your social media messages on your channels,- analyze exactly the results of each action you’ve set (views, visitors, leads generated, and the same view per blog post).Just in case you were wondering, curation is not duplicate content. Here is an article that
explains why.

And if you’d like to see how content curation can help you improve SEO, you should read this eBook!

improve SEO the power of content curation - CTA end article download ebook

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Julie Gauthier
Julie was our Director of Marketing. Before joining the other side of the Force, Julie was a client of while managing the Marketing of another SaaS software start-up in San Francisco for 2 years (Ivalua). With a Master’s Degree in Consulting from Audencia Graduate School of Management, Julie has lived in 4 different countries and worked in Marketing and Consulting for Apple, l’Oréal, Cartier and Weave Consulting. Besides being a tech nerd tweeting about New Technologies (@JulieGTR), Julie is a pretty serious sports addict (ski, muay thai, field hockey, tennis, etc.), a traveling fanatic and a foodie (either in the privacy of her kitchen or at new trendy restaurants).
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  • Sherm Stevens

    Julie, you mention using curation tools, but don’t discuss any specific tools. Can you make any recommendations?

    • Julie Gauthier

      Hi Sherm,

      Of course I can recommend you great tools! It all depends on your needs. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate, then you can start with a free tool to get convinced of the power of content curation: among them, our free tool counts more than 2M users and has a very good reputation, and you also have feedly or storify that I like.

      Here is an article that I like to quote for the beginner and intermediate parts:

      And if you’re looking for something a bit more complete (as I mentioned in the article, some tools allow you to integrate with your website, publish on all your social media channels, analyze the results, create newsletters in a few clicks, etc.): then I really only have one tool to recommend: Content Director. It’s the tool I use every day to curate and create content, it’s the reason why I joined this company a few months back, and we just got ranked #1 content marketing software by GetApp!

      Don’t hesitate to let me know which tool you try and whether you like it or not, or reach out for a tour of our product!


  • janice wald

    Would StumbleUpon be an example of a curation tool? I’m wondering too.

    • Julie Gauthier

      Hi Janice,

      StumbleUpon is more of a content discovery platform. You enter what you like or search for and they find content on their platform for you to enjoy. Content curation is more about taking that article and curating it to then distribute it to your audience.

      In that sense, would be a bit different: you enter any website you like, any twitter person or mention you’d like to follow, and then you put some sets of keywords. Then the search engine searches on any platform on the web (google, bing, youtube, twitter, RSS, etc.) for those keywords.

      It means that if you have a website you like and a set of keywords, it will only show you the articles in that website that contain the specific keywords you have set (like “lean content marketing” or “online marketing technology” for instance).

      Then the curation tool allows you to curate the article = quoting part of the article and then adding to it either a comment or any text you think is relevant, just like I did in the article you commented.

      Finally, you can automatically schedule your curated post to be distributed on your social media channels (linkedin, twitter, facebook, Google +…).

      As I answered Sherm, if you’re a marketer and working in an SMB or bigger, then I’d recommend a more complete tool that directly integrated with your website, like Content Director:

      Let me know if this answers your question.

  • Zen Cachola

    Have you tried They have a great social media curation – curious to see how we can integrate the two.

    • Julie Gauthier

      Interesting! I haven’t but I will look into it. Thing is the search engines searches everywhere, social media included: we can find youtube videos, pdf documents, blog articles, and we search in google, bing, twitter, linkedin, etc. I’m sure if it’s necessary though we could create an integration between both!

      • Zen Cachola

        Yes, that’s true! It really depends on what you are looking to do. I love Tint mostly because of functionalities and real-time display of all your social content in one place.

  • Julia McCoy

    I’d like to add to your awesome post here some curation tools we recently researched & wrote about!

    Good stuff.

  • Rachel

    Hey Julie,

    This is the first time I have heard of curation and its tools. But it does make sense. I really appreciated how you broke down your time. I do that too but it is a little longer. I am a new blogger with limited traffic, I don’t know how I could achieve this just yet. However I will keep it mind down the track. Thanks.

    • Julie Gauthier

      Hi Rachel,

      If you want to get traffic, it isn’t about doing “too much”, rather about doing “enough” to get noticed. Curation shouldn’t be used to publish 10 times a day. But curation helps you 1. find great content out there, and 2. when you think it’s relevant, add value to it and publish it on your blog (always attribute your source and quote only a paragraph of the article, not the whole thing). If you’d like to see in detail how content curation works and why it’s probably one of the best practices if you want to improve SEO, you should read this eBook:
      Let me know if you like it!

      • Rachel

        Hey Julie,
        Thanks for the response. I am at the stage where I am looking at improving my marketing techniques or lack there of. I did hit your link and it gave me the error 404 page not found. I really would like a read. I await your response.

        • Julie Gauthier

          Hi Rachel,

          sorry about that, the link above should work now! Let me know!

  • Rick

    wow that’s really informative. I better check more articles from here 🙂

    • Julie Gauthier

      Thanks Rick!! Subscribe to the newsletter if you want to get a weekly recap of the posts we send out! 🙂

  • Shahana Akter

    Your tutorial is awesome and very informative. It will help me more.

  • Steve Oliver

    Short tips but very effective. People who have blog must really learn from this post. It will surely help boost their rankings.

  • Lindsay Jones

    Thank you for providing all the links. This information was solid and informative.

  • Gregor Southard

    Nice article! I know a lot of my earlier articles on my blog could use improvement. I think that may a way of attacking “Writer’s block.”

  • Neil Ferree

    There’s little doubt that content curation should be a daily activity for any/all content marketers whether you’re a big brand or a local SMB competing on the social web

    • Chloe Young

      true…and I agree!!

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