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YES is topic-centric, but YES we can’t forget that it’s first of all a social media.

The main difference with the others social media is essential: lets users follow topics, not people. brings you content on topics you’ve decided to follow, shared by other people on these topics. People we meet are users who are willing to discuss about the same subjects. What gather people together are their passions! We don’t always share our passions with our friends: especially if they are unusual. Your interest about the Chinese culture may not be shared with your best friend!

In short, with you share content with people who are likely to find it relevant. enables to share things you would not normally share on other social Medias.
Sometimes you find that it’s too risky to share links with your family, your colleagues or old classmates. They will also not necessarily be very interested in your passions. And above all, the information that you will find relevant, will not be lost in the middle of thousand other posts.
And if you are a little bit curious (we are all), you will read the content on topics curated by other users who share the same interest, and you will comment their links. is a gold mine for curious people, let’s take the example of Sam, a user who created a topic about Asian food. She discovered other users, like Pete, who created the topic about Vietnamese food, and also Anna who was passionate about travelling in Asia, and who created a topic about it.

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